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CORN KID became an online sensation due to his love for the widely-consumed vegetable.
Though only a child, Corn Kid's viral video has received millions of likes and views on TikTok.
Corn Kid's name is Tariq.
He is a seven-year-old from New York who became known for his love of corn.
He has a parent-run TikTok account called @kornboyofficial that has 860,900 followers.
Videos on his page have received a total of 5.6million likes.
Much of his popularity has come from other accounts posting an interview in which he expresses his fondness for the starchy vegetable.
Tariq appeared in an interview with Recess Therapy on August 4, 2022.
The clip has garnered 1.1million views and 195,200 likes.
Recess Therapy's TikTok account frequently posts videos of interviews with kids.
That same day, the video was posted on the page Doing Things.
The video then amassed 29.5million views and 6.1million likes.
While the clips posted to the two different accounts differ slightly, the message behind them is the same.
They both express Tariq's extreme love of corn.
The corn song was made by TikTok content creator @schmoyoho and has caused Tariq to become even more well-known.
The clip featuring the song has gained 84.7million views and 10.7million likes since it was posted on August 18, 2022.
The musical number is called It's Corn – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy.
Tariq's success has not been limited to social media and the online realm.
He participated in a collaboration with the popular canned and frozen vegetable company Green Giant.
On November 16, 2022, Green Giant said the brand's week-long partnership with Tariq "will elevate corn from a simple side dish to the star of the Thanksgiving table this year."
The news release also included a statement from the 'Senior Vice President & President, Frozen & Vegetables, B&G Foods' named Kristen Thompson.
Kristen said: "Corn Kid has a giant heart and we are thrilled to help him share his love of corn with his community this Thanksgiving with an enormous donation of our canned veggies."
On September 3, 2021, Governor Kristi Noem announced on Twitter that Tariq earned the title of South Dakota's Corn-bassador.
In the tweet, she shared images of a smiling Tariq at The Corn Palace.
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