This TikTok Shows How Canadians Deal With A 'Karen' & She Has Beef With Our 'Monopoly Money' – Narcity Canada

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"I have no idea what a litre is so I suggest you watch your tongue."
TikToker @tylerregan as a Canadian and a Karen.
While Canadians have a reputation as being friendly and polite people, to the south of the border, some Americans, unfortunately, have a reputation as a "Karen" — culturally known as a rude woman who complains about anything and everything.
Over on TikTok, Tyler Regan (@tylerregan) played out a satirical scenario where he acted as both a Canadian and a so-called Karen.
Things got off to a rocky start when the Canadian explained that gas costs $2 a litre.
"I have no idea what a litre is, so I suggest you watch your tongue," Karen warned.
"Oh, you must be American," inferred the Canadian, which led Karen to question whether he had a problem with her heritage.
"Not at all, it's just here in Canada, we use the metric system," he explained, which Karen said made no sense.
As he tried to explain that metric makes a lot of sense because it's in base ten, Karen interrupted him.
"Whatever, just let me pay and get out of here," she demanded.
"Alrighty, paying with American or Canadian dollars?" the unphased Canadian asked.
When Karen confirmed she would be paying in American, the cashier informed her that instead of it being $2 a litre, it would be $1.56, which she took offence to.
"Yeah, I don't need your charity," she said. "I have plenty of money."
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After once again using his patience, the Canadian said the difference was due to the conversion between the currencies.

"Oh, so I guess before when you said $2 you were just trying to rob me," Karen said.
"No, I just didn't realize you were using American dollars," explained the Canadian.
"Like I would really want to walk around with your Monopoly money."
To be fair, our currency is colourful and fun, so… point to Karen?
Over in the comments section, Americans chimed in on the situation.
"My students get so mad when we learn about the metric system (and realize we use the more complicated one)," said one user.
"I love their 'monopoly' money is so colourful it brings me joy," said another.
"I would prefer coloured bank notes than the beige and green that it has been for 100+ years," confirmed another.
Best of luck with Celsius vs. Fahrenheit, Karen!
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