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Creators on TikTok in some places are now able to apply for account verification through the app, putting them in with a chance of getting a blue tick next to their name if they meet the necessary requirements.
TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world right now, and new users are flocking to it each day to browse content, and create some of their own.
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Like other platforms, TikTok has a verification feature, which means that notable accounts belonging to celebrities, businesses, big influencers, and more, receive a blue tick next to their name. This blue tick tells users that the account belongs to who they are claiming to be, and is a coveted badge among many growing creators.
Up until now, there was no way for users to directly apply for verification, as it was something awarded at TikTok’s discretion. But, on November 23, some users began reporting that they are now able to directly apply for verification through the app.
TikTok has also updated their website to include instructions on how users can do this (though they note that this feature is currently not available everywhere.)
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If you have the feature and want to apply for verification, just go to your profile, click on ‘Menu’ and then ‘Settings and Privacy.’ Then, tap ‘Manage account,’ ‘Verification,’ and follow the steps on-screen to apply.
If this option is not available within the app, you can also try going through TikTok’s website.
TikTok say that they do not consider the number of followers someone has as a requirement when deciding whether to give a verified badge, but they do require an account to be active, authentic, complete, notable, and secure.
Although the feature, like many of TikTok’s new additions, is not available everywhere just yet, many are hoping it will roll out to more places in the coming weeks and months.
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