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A couple went viral on TikTok after discovering a series of ‘secret rooms’ in their 130-year-old home, receiving a letter from the previous owner that informed them of their existence.
Courtney and Matt found hidden rooms, hideaways and compartments in their home, thanks to an unexpected message from the “last surviving member” of the family that previously owned it.
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“We got a letter addressed ‘purchaser.’ It’s all the way from Canada,” Courtney began in a viral clip with 1.8 million views.
“It says, ‘Let me introduce myself. I am the last surviving member of the Madison family who once owned the house, and I grew up in it,'” read the letter. “‘I would like to … tell you about the secret rooms and a few things you may not have been told when you bought the house.'”
It went on to inform them about three “secret rooms, including a compartment in the fireplace in the parlour downstairs.” In another video, Courtney and Matt toured their new home to uncover them.
First, they found a secret liquor cabinet above the fireplace in their front parlor, which was tucked away behind a sliding, mirrored panel. It contained a tonne of old bottles of beer and alcohol, including unopened bottles of French rose wine from 1970.
Next, the letter led them to a secret room found “in the washroom directly opposite the door in the wall,” which Courtney deemed “by far the scariest room.”
However, when the couple uncovered the hidden escape in their bathroom, it turned out to be a small crawl space rather than a room. “My guess is there probably used to be some kind of room up here, but really, it’s just a creepy attic space,” Courtney said.
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She then unearthed a tiny, locked door placed directly opposite their toilet. The small entrance opened up to a trunk room. 
“There is this huge space,” Courtney exclaimed in the TikTok clip. “We’re going to try and figure out how to use this space, but right now it’s just kind of a cool, cool room.”
As for the third room, the couple revealed on TikTok that “the room that [reportedly] was inside is actually full of furniture, and we’re not able to access it right now.”
They promised to give their followers an update if and when they were able to access it.
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