Maryland worker's viral video pokes fun at punch clocks still being used on the job, TikTok users react – New York Post

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Social media users are getting a blast from the past after a viral TikTok video showed that employee punch time clocks are still being used at some workplaces.
Cadence Nicole, a TikTok user from Maryland, shared a video of the wall-mounted punch clock that’s reportedly used at her place of employment.
“It’s 2022 and this is how I’m clocking in and out,” the video’s text-to-speech voice says.
The six-second clip shows a pair of hands placing a timecard into the punch clock.
Fox News Digital reached out to Cadence Nicole for comment.
The video, which was originally posted on Oct. 28, has gone viral with more than 2.1 million views and 73,500 likes.
Hundreds of commenters have flocked to the post to share their punch clock memories, experiences and thoughts on work-hour recording methods.
“That’s the way I clocked in and out in 1988,” one user wrote.
“As a payroll administrator I would definitely quit if I had to manually add everyone’s hours this way,” another user commented.
“I quit a job with no notice once [because] I couldn’t figure out how to work this,” one user claimed.
Some TikTok users viewed punch clocks optimistically.
“Baby y’all better than us we’ve gotta physically write it down,” one commenter wrote.
“I’d like that better [than] having to get on a computer to clock out,” another user wrote.
Some users reported that they also still use the punch-clock method at work.
Other time-recording methods that have been discussed in the comment section include fingerprint scanners and landline call-ins.
The inventor of the punch clock is Willard Legrand Bundy, a prolific 19th-century American inventor who was born in Otsego, New York, according to, a computer history website.
Bundy reportedly developed the mechanical punch clock in the 1880s and he received a patent in 1888.
The invention of the punch clock is celebrated annually on Jan. 27, which is known as “Punch The Clock Day,” according to National Today, a national holiday calendar.


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