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A woman’s stance on how to approach a first date has divided the internet, with much-heated discussion online.
The debate started on TikTok after one woman said she decided to go on another date after not hearing from the person she was supposed to on the original date with.
The woman, who goes by @Viv.aboufaissal online, said: “We were supposed to go bowling and we made the plan three days ago but we haven’t spoken since and he hasn’t messaged me to confirm.
“We said 7pm, and it’s 2pm so in my head it’s not happening.”
She said she ended up going for a drink with another person she had met on a dating app, revealing she’d had the best time.
But she then asked what other people would have done in her position.
Another woman made her own video on the topic to back up the original video, answering Viv’s question.
The woman, known online as @bewellwithadiel, shared a similar stance and said if there is no confirmation on the morning of, the date isn’t happening.
“If someone planned a whole date, made a reservation and offered to pick me up but doesn’t text me the morning of to confirm I’m assuming the date is cancelled,” she said.
“I’m not reaching out to confirm and I’m not letting him know that I’m cancelling it.
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“Even if he confirmed a whole 24 hours ago, it’s a whole new day, and if he doesn’t reach out to confirm then he wasn’t that interested to begin with.”
Many sided with the women about their opinion on how people should confirm first dates.
One said: “I agree, if it’s not confirmed it’s canceled. And I’m not rescheduling either. I will let him know I’m not coming if he asks though.”
“A simple hello, good morning are we still on for our date tonight? Is what’s expected by the person who asked for the date,” another added.
Another added: “I do this with my friends, too. I’m not spending hours getting ready just for someone to cancel.”
But not everyone agreed with the woman’s stance on dates.
“Arranged is confirmed. If you need that reassurance you make sure to ask for it,” one person said.
Another person added: “As someone with ASD/ADHD. Once plans are made to me they are confirmed. I don’t get this.”
One said: “Communication is a two-way street, nothing is wrong with a woman communicating to confirm, it sets the expectations.”
One man claimed the woman had very specific taste and he wished her luck finding a man who would meet those expectations.


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