This TikTok Hack Shows You've Been Peeling Oranges Wrong Your Whole Life – Narcity Canada

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It's a "game-changer."
TikTokers trying out the life hack on peeling oranges.
Have you ever found yourself picking away at a stubborn orange that takes a while to peel off so you can finally enjoy the fruit sitting inside?
At times like that, TikTok life hacks such as this one on how to efficiently and quickly peel an orange come in clutch.
TikToker Kevglbach posted a video of himself trying out the viral TikTok hack on the technique to peel an orange efficiently, and his video has already smashed 20 million views.
#stitch mit @alan
Kevglbach stitched the video of another TikToker, @lolwutalan, who explained the hack in a video that now has over 2.2 million views.

“So sometimes TikTok comes in clutch with these life hacks,” Alan says in his video.
“Have you ever seen the one about the orange; you can cut it in the centre, and then you can just take it and just pop it out like this,” says Alan while demonstrating the hack to his viewers.
It wasn’t until we had kids did the mandarin oranges become a household staple #dadtok #toddlertok #babytok #foodhack
Alan, a father of two children, pointed out how the hack could be a game changer, especially for parents with impatient children who love mandarins.
“My life changed. I’m gonna try it out too,” one TikTok user wrote.
This isn’t the first time a TikTok video has provided the world with a time-saving life hack.
Remember the time a TikToker showed the world the wrong way to open ketchup packets and English muffins? There's also a video on the right way to peel a potato.
There’s even a TikTok hack for people suffering from insomnia who need a full-proof method that will help them fall asleep in two minutes.
Next time you grab an orange, clementine or other similar fruit, try the hack and let us know if it works!


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