A TikTok Beauty Expert Says You're Storing Your Perfume Wrong & Here's How To Make It Last – Narcity Canada

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"Hide them away to make them stay."
Emelia explaining her advice on perfume in a TikTok video.
The majority of us store our beauty products in the bathroom, but if that's where you keep your perfume then you may want to get it out of there.

A TikToker who goes by the nickname "Professor Perfume" says keeping your perfume in the bathroom will cause it to go bad a lot faster, and her advice is stirring up a lot of reactions online.
In the video, @professorperfume — whose name is Emelia — starts the video by asking viewers, "Do you see what's wrong with this photo?" as she shows a bunch of pictures of perfume bottles in the bathroom.
"If you keep your perfume in the bathroom, when you shower, all of the steam, all of the constant temperature fluctuations are going to spoil your perfume a lot faster than if you store them correctly," she says in the video that's now been viewed 2.8 million times.

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Emelia also advises against putting perfume on the dresser or windowsill.
So where should you store your perfume bottles?
"Store your fragrance in a cool, dry, dark place — I always recommend your closet or a dresser drawer," the TikToker explained.

"Some people keep them in the fridge. You don't have to go that far, but when you store them correctly they will last you for years and years."
If you're surprised by Emelia's advice, you're not the only one.
Many people commented on the video saying they didn't know about this beauty advice.
"WOAH did not know this. So Eau de toilette does not go near the toilette!!!" one person wrote.
Other viewers don't like the idea of keeping their pretty perfume bottles tucked away.
"Then they shouldn’t make the bottles so pretty," one person shared in a comment that's received over 15,000 likes.
"No it has to be on display," another comment reads.
If you're wondering if you could store your perfume in a drawer in the bathroom, apparently that's also not a good idea.
"What about ….a dark drawer in the bathroom," one person asked, to which Emelia replied, "If it's in the bathroom it's susceptible to temp fluctuations! It should be in another room altogether."
One person stated they were taking the advice seriously writing, "The walk of shame I just did to my bathroom. Into the hall closet they go."
Other perfume experts seem to agree with Emelia's advice.
The Fragrance World reiterates similar tips, advising people to store perfume in a dark and dry space.
Emelia's final conclusion is simple: hide them away to make them stay.


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