UK father mocked on TikTok after claiming to be the 'hot dad on the school run' – Newshub

Watch: The TikTok user claims he is a "hot dad". Credits: TikTok//warfordd
A TikTok user has been ridiculed online after claiming to be the "hot dad on the school run".

The London father shared the TikTok video of himself under the username @warfordd last month with the caption "some of you mummas be thirsty".
The video now has over 1.8 million views – but several people commented on the video to tell him no one would pay attention.
"New ick unlocked," one user said.
Another said: "As a school-run mum, I am sorry to say we’re not looking, we’ve got at least five other things running through our minds when dropping the kids off!"
A third commented: "The school run is the last place anyone looks. After wrestling kids out of the door, all we do is wanna sling them through the gates and go to work."
The personal trainer, who has compared himself to football player David Beckham, addressed the comments in another TikTok video where he said: "I stand by it, I’m a hot dad."
"The comment section which was probably full of three out of tens calling me ugly, were so mean," he added on an Instagram story.


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