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TikTok is on a rampage yet again as a ban wave gets thousands of accounts banned without a reason as per the reports available on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media. Find out how to appeal and get your TikTok account unbanned if it’s wrongly banned.

Like any other social media platform, TikTok has set community guidelines and content policies that creators, as well as users, must follow. If anyone performs an action that violates them, their account gets temporarily banned, shadowbanned, or permanently banned.
However, the recent ban wave on TikTok which the users are talking about seems to be a glitch with the system. Many of the TikTok users are claiming that they didn’t do anything but their account has been banned.
Update: TikTok has allegedly started unbanning the wrongly banned accounts. If you haven’t got your back, quickly scroll down and submit an appeal soon.

Since Saturday, October 8, 2022, there has been a mass ban wave on TikTok where thousands of accounts have been banned wrongly. There has been a social media outcry against the inappropriate banning of TikTok accounts.

Several users have claimed that they didn’t do anything, didn’t post any stuff, and didn’t get a warning, but their TikTok account got banned overnight. However, users usually get a warning or get temporary ban/ shadowban before their account is banned forever.

The reason for the mass ban wave is unknown at the moment. It could be a glitch in the algorithm or a problem with TikTok’s policy of content moderation. We’re trying to reach them to have more information right now. TikTok is yet to acknowledge the issue publicly.
Getting your banned account unbanned isn’t a piece of cake on TikTok. You’ll have to submit an appeal and wait for their response. If it’s a temporary ban, then it goes away on its own after some time while a shadowban can be resolved by making certain fixes.
However, if your account has been banned permanently on TikTok, you need to submit an appeal stating that you didn’t do anything wrong. Follow these steps to know how to do that:

Note: If you didn’t receive a notification explaining the account ban, try using the TikTok website in a browser. If you didn’t receive it there as well, use the next method available below.
After that, wait for TikTok to look into your problem and respond to it. You’ll receive the response via email.
If your TikTok account has been banned permanently (perma ban), you won’t get the notification to submit an appeal to get it unbanned. In that case, you’ll have to connect with TikTok’s customer support to remove the permanent ban on your account.
Follow these steps:

That’s it. TikTok will then look into your issue and send a suitable response.
TikTok usually replies to appeals to get an account unbanned within 3 to 5 business days. However, considering the large scale of the recent ban wave on TikTok, it would take longer for them to respond to your appeal.
Some of the appeals on TikTok go unanswered and you won’t get a reply back from them. If that happens, don’t hesitate to submit appeals and send one every three days. You should also use other mediums like Twitter and email to contact TikTok’s support.
TikTok has a dedicated support handle on Twitter that you can tag in your Tweets and DM to seek help getting your account unbanned. Thousands of users are currently doing that as hashtags like #TikTokBan, #TikTokBanWave, and #TikTokPermaBan, are trending.
Hey @TikTokSupport @tiktok_us what is happening with the mass banning accounts right now? What will happen to my appeal And when will I get a response? #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/S06gIzOUah
— Ethan (@Luigisspaghetti) October 8, 2022

You can also do the same. Open Twitter and go to the Tweet composer. Now write the problem that your TikTok account has been banned wrongly and without a warning. Tag @TikTokSupport, @TikTokCreators, and @TikTokUS.
You can also tag TikTok’s CEO @ShouZiChew and COO @VanessaPappas to make the issue reach their ears. The more tweets they see, the quicker a solution will be rolled out.
You can also contact TikTok’s support team via email to get your permanently banned account unbanned. Before that, you need to prepare a well-written email explaining the issue and some proofs that confirm your account has been banned wrongly.
Now send the mail will relevant screenshots to the following addresses:
Once you have sent a copy of the mail to these email addresses, wait for a week to receive a response. After that, follow the instructions mentioned in the email that TikTok sends back.
There’s a mass ban wave going on TikTok which started on October 8, 2022. Countless TikTok accounts have been affected and received permabans. TikTok is yet to acknowledge it while users are expressing their frustration on other platforms.

For context, a mass ban wave is an incidence when a large number of TikTok accounts are banned in a day due to a problem found in their content or due to a glitch in the system. If the recent ban wave is a glitch, then TikTok will automatically reverse it and unban the accounts.
However, if TikTok believes that these accounts deserved to be banned, then there’s no way to unban them. You can only appeal the ban and attempt to get it unbanned using the methods shared above.
Once you are done submitting appeals, tweeting, and sending emails to TikTok to get your account unbanned, launch the TikTok app and sign up for a new account. This account will help you use the platform until your main account gets unbanned.
You can mention in your profile bio that it’s your alternate account and your main one has been wrongly banned. Now you can post TikToks here. You can also use it to interact with your fans. You were able to grow the first one, you’ll be able to grow it as well.

Don’t lose hope. You also have an option to switch to a different platform. Instagram is the ideal one with Reels. You can simply start by redistributing your TikToks as Reels there.
Feel free to use the comment box to share suggestions or ask questions about anything written here.
Tiktok banned ?
Hi my TikTok account has been banned by accident did not violate any of the community guidelines please re look into this
Same thing to me. My TikTok account has been banned for no reason. Please help!

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