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If there’s something you probably thought you’d never see trending, it’s Adam Sandler’s style. Yes, you read that right. Adam Sandler has been trendy throughout 2022. Fashion fanatics are thrilled to combine fashion and comfort thanks to Sandler’s iconic looks. The celebrity has been photographed by the paparazzi multiple times wearing a variety of baggy or oversized graphic t-shirts, basketball shorts, sweats, and, very occasionally, bright colors. His look is usually accompanied by sneakers with crew-length socks. He’s even been spotted wearing a pair of comfortable Ugg boots, according to the Daily Mail.
It’s effortless, it’s comfortable, and, now, it’s in. In fact, per the New York Post, Sandler surpassed Harry Styles, Lizzo, and Britney Spears in the Google trend results for the top search in celebrity style. He became a fashion icon for many, especially as the Y2K style has also made a comeback. This has certainly been true throughout 2022 for the ultimate cute and comfortable look known. Now, here’s how you can achieve it.

“Forget hot girl summer, it’s Adam Sandler summer,” write many TikTok users as they show off their Sandler looks in their videos. In these videos, many young women are seen wearing oversized t-shirts paired with basketball shorts and sneakers. Other comfortable shoes, such as sandals with socks, are also common for this look. Additionally, a hair bun or a hat and sunglasses top it off for an effortlessly chic, and comfortable, look.
In fact, some users are asking their favorite creators how to style it themselves. Influencer and model Taylor Hage posted a quick tutorial in a TikTok video in which she showed her followers how to do it. “Let’s make an Adam Sandler look,” she says, pointing out that she only has “jorts” (high-waisted jean shorts) instead of gym shorts to work with. She proceeds to explain as she adds a garment with each step to her look, saying, “First step: baggy shorts. Check. Step two: add an oversized graphic tee and keep it untucked. Check. Step three: add Uggs, Crocs, or whatever other comfy shoe. Check. Step four: add an effortless bag. Check.” Honestly, this trend doesn’t sound like it could be any easier to achieve.

If you haven’t noticed by now, the priority of this style comes down to comfort. Sandler’s signature looks are usually some form of athleisure. Clothing items or accessories such as tube socks, chunky sneakers, track pants, and big t-shirts are staples of the look. Sandler is usually seen wearing a combination of a baggy tee, baggy gym shorts, and comfy shoes (via Russh). And while many online users are following the lead, these types of garments can be mixed and matched, especially if you’re trying to find a way to incorporate it into your personal style. Influencer Laura Reilly did just that on Instagram by pairing knee-length white basketball shorts with a black tube top. For an elevated look, she accessorized it with a pearl necklace, slick hair down, and a pair of heels in an unexpected pairing.
Achieving this somewhat vintage look sometimes requires vintage shopping. A perfect way to find a baggy tee is by thrifting, whether in person or online. Actually, the same could be said for baggy gym shorts and chunky shoes. It’s definitely a look you can have a lot of fun with.


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