New Zealand McDonald's worker apologises after TikTok skit of him storming out of job goes viral – Newshub

"Hell no, I am not cleaning that." Credits: TikTok @fionnmccallum470
A Kiwi McDonald’s worker who shared a video of him storming out on the job says "there’s been a lot of bad reaction" but adds that the video was a skit. 
Fionn McCallum appeared to abruptly quit his job in a viral skit where he stormed out of the building and called his manager a "bitch".
And since his TikTok video has gone viral, those who have seen it haven’t been impressed. 
"A lot of people have been really angry at me, calling me ‘a terrible person’ and ‘this generation sucks’," he told Newshub on Friday.
Among those unimpressed is McCallum’s employer. 
"I can’t say too much but I have been in a little bit of trouble," he added.
The employee told Newshub he’s still employed "but I’m not sure for how much longer".
McCallum filmed the skit and posted it to the social media platform TikTok on Wednesday.
"Hell no, I am not cleaning that," McCallum said in the video as he saw a pile of dirty dishes.
He then made a beeline to what appeared to be the manager’s office and told them he quit.
"I quit," McCallum yelled as he ran out of the building. "I’m leaving."
The manager could be heard yelling "oi, get back here, come back" and another employee chased after him.
"See you on the flip side bitch," McCallum said as he exited the McDonald’s.
McDonald’s New Zealand declined to comment.
The video went viral with over 7.5 million views, as of the time of this publication, with large international media companies reporting on the incident too. 
People on the internet were divided over the fast food worker’s reaction to the dishes – with some unsympathetic.
"That’s actually not that bad, I work at McDonald’s, that takes like half an hour," one person commented.
"McDonald’s was my first job, that’s a regular amount of dishes, pick up your socks boi," another said.
However other people sympathised with McCallum.
"Literally, this is all I wanna do when I see wash up," another person commented.
"This is why I became self-employed," a user wrote.
McCallum told Newshub while "I don’t regret making the video", "I’m sorry to Maccas for any bad publicity they have gotten".
McCallum said the manager he called a "bitch" was also in on the skit and isn’t "actually an angry person like that, she’s really nice, so are all of the staff".
Watch the full viral skit above. 


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