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Nov. 22 2022, Published 10:13 p.m. ET
We certainly look forward to our advent calendar every year. Usually, we go with the basic piece-of-chocolate-a-day one from Trader Joes, but there are all sorts of advent calendars out there these days: wine, makeup, dog treats, you name it. If you can think it, there’s probably an advent calendar for it.
But what we didn’t expect was that TikTok would come out with its very own advent calendar. It appeared on our FYP to our great delight. Being that so many products go viral on TikTok, we assumed it would contain some of those awesome items. But we were wrong. We were very wrong.
TikTok actually sent the advent calendar to some of its content creators, and some of those creators opened the calendar for all to see. So, let’s go day by day and see what we’ve got…
@TikTok GIRL WHAT IS THIS HAHAHAHAHA #adventcalendar
Let’s follow creator @zzzachariah as he opens his advent calendar:
Day 1: A baking spatula
Day 2: Stickers
Day 3: A hairband
Day 4: A car air freshener
Day 5: A little bag “for makeup or paraphernalia”
Day 6: A keychain with “something that looks like this”
Day 7: A cork coaster
Day 8: A speaker
Day 9: A little bracelet
Day 10: A cardholder wallet with a bottle opener
Day 11: Colored pencils
A random thing from the TikTok Advent Calendar.
Day 12: A random motion bubbler. (Also, Zachariah’s favorite gift out of the whole box.)
Day 13: A guitar pick
Day 14: “A basketball net or a simple little shoulder purse”
Day 15: “This one isn’t fair, because I don’t even know what this even is.”
Day 16: A small bowl
Day 17: A pop socket
Day 18: A magnetic bookmark that Zachariah doesn’t know what it is. We understand your confusion.
Day 19: An oven mitt
Day 20: “A picture of two children in a snow globe.”
Day 21: Glasses
Day 22: Wildflower seeds
Day 23: “Sun block in a plastic pouch”
Day 24: Candle
Day 25: Luggage tag
Day 26: A little sack game. (In the video, he said this was on the 25th, but this is actually the 26th gift he opened).
Day 27: Rubber workout booty bands that Zachariah calls “streamers.”
Day 28: A ring light
Day 29: A TikTok sudoku book
It’s seems like Zachariah forgot to open two days’ worth of gifts but honestly, we think we’re good.
Zachariah ends the video by saying “thank you?” and adds that “some of those things though… I’m not sure. It’s giving dollar tree,” which we 1000% agree.
Like, what were they actually thinking and how many people on their team had to OK this? It’s the randomness for us. And the comments, per usual, did not disappoint.
OK we lied, we had to find out the details about the two presents that were missing. Turns out they were a nail file and a temporary tattoo. Both TikTok branded, of course. It’s giving, on a budget. It’s giving, you shouldn’t have. It’s giving, dollar tree advent calendar.
We kid, we kid. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Thanks, TikTok, for helping us get into the holiday season!
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