‘TikTok’ Star Tayler Holder Hospitalized, Shows Off Bloody Aftermath – Yahoo Entertainment

“The boys are back in Texas,” says Tayler Holder before showing off bloody injuries in the very next post.
The influencer was excited to be back in Texas and spending some time with his buddies. They showed off their good time on some dirt bikes with a few stunts and revving of the engines. He tagged Cody Ware and Skylr Beaird the two bros having a great time with him in the videos posted to IG Story.
In a shocking twist the boys went from laughing to Tayler appearing in a new video dirty and bettered to all hell. “Well, that’s a wrap guys, I just broke my nose,” he says barely able to speak and move his face probably out of sheer pain.
He can barely keep his eyes open begging us to believe that a concussion could be involved. “Looks like we gotta go to the hospital, guys” he says from the backseat of a car.
The 25-year-old has snot hanging from his nose and at this point, he’s in way too much pain to either care or notice. By the next video, he looks a tad bit better, he had cleaned up a bit an seemed to have gained his wits.
Featuring a new neck brace he addresses his followers, “We’re at the hospital, guys” an older woman who could be his mom looks pissed in the background. Meanwhile, Holder is busy giving his millions of followers a better look at his mess up.
He ends the video with a simple “f**k” which seems about right for his predicament. A day of fun turned into an absolute calamity.
In obvious pain, the songwriter tried to keep his spirits up while in the hospital. He posted an IG poll inquiring “do I still look sexy” with tussled hair, bruises, and a new neck brace as an accessory.
His 5.7 million fans were shocked and had all sorts of comments, questions, and well-wishes for Holden.
“Omgggggg TAYLER WTFFFFFFFFF 😢😢😢😢 IM GLAD YOU’RE STILL HERE!!! Pleaseeeeeeee be safe and get well soon!!!! ❤️ I LOVE U,” wrote fellow influencer IamZoie.
“Jesus, sending prayers G,” wrote another follower. “How tf did you do that?!? Hope you get better soon all love coming from me & my momma ❤️,” wrote a friend.
A lot of good wishes were dropped in the comment after the shocking accident.
The influencers fans are attempting to protect him by encouraging other to stop asking what happened to him seeing as he did an entire IG story about the situation. “He clearly got injured in the dirt bike so dont ask what happen watch his story use yall brain😐,” wrote a protective follower.
Other followers quickly pointed out that in the video, Holden was not wearing a helmet and they wanted to know exact details about how the injury took place. “Might be the mom in me but……No offense you should wear a helmet…. You have a ton of young followers looking up to you! Put a damn helmet on!!!!!!!!!”
Some followers took the opportunity to educate his millions of followers about the rules of safety when using motor vehicles of ALL kinds.
“Ive seen a lot of riding related accidents recently, and i just cant find it in me to be empathetic to these fellows, because in the first place you get into doing something you know to yourself is very risky and dangerous, so my question is “are you still gonna keep on riding motorbikes after this?” If your answer is “yes because its my passion” then that’s your call for your life😇🙏”
The influencer is in bad shape at the moment and hasn’t updated his fans since the bloody post so we hope that means he is resting up and healing fast!
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