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It’s fair to say that peeling, cubing and mashing potatoes is a tedious process, so it makes sense that a hack that turns it into quick work is going viral.
On Nov. 14, digital creator Lora McLaughlin Peterson (aka @lorafied on social media) posted a TikTok showing a way to make smart use of a common kitchen tool to peel and partially mash potatoes in one fell swoop.
“I know this is hard to believe but you’re just gonna cook these guys whole and set them aside,” she says in the video as she boils more than 10 potatoes, skin and all. “Now grab a bowl and place a baking rack on top.”
Peterson then cuts a potato in half and lays it on the rack cut-side down before pushing the potato through the rack. The flesh of the potato slides through with ease, leaving just the skin on top. 
This video has gone viral, garnering more than 690,000 views, 33,000 likes and hundreds of comments lauding the simplicity of the cooking tip.
“Genius and just in time for the holidays,” commented one TikTok user.
“That is clever.. makes peeling so easy.. especially when doing large quantities. Thank you for sharing your brilliant idea,” wrote another.
“Use this for hack for pushing eggs through it for large volume egg salad,” said another commenter, mirroring one of the cooling rack hacks in a TODAY video about chopping eggs, peeling potatoes and easily preparing avocados for guacamole.
Other commenters chimed in with ideas on what folks could do with all the leftover potato skins they have now that they’ve whizzed through the potato-prep process.
“Not a bad idea. I’d take the leftover peels, add cheese and bacon and bake them till crispy,” said one TikTok user.
“Air fry the skins,” helpfully commented another. “Then dust with garlic and onion powder, cover with chopped ham and cheese. air fry a little bit longer.”
All great tips, but if you’re feeling up for a little bit of Maryland-spice charm, you can try Old Bay Crab Loaded Potato Skins or even Cheesy Bacon-Loaded Sweet Potato Skins if you’re using the sweet version of the tuber for a Sweet Potato Pie or Sweet Potato and Plantain Mash. The possibilities are truly endless … as long as you don’t run your potatoes through the dishwasher.
Washington, D.C. native Joseph Lamour is a lover of food: its past, its present and the science behind it. With food, you can bring opposites together to form a truly marvelous combination, and he strives to take that sentiment to heart in all that he does.


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