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A Hollywood Chef has shocked viewers on TikTok after revealing the $3,500 grocery bill she racked up in order to restock one of her client’s pantries.
It’s no secret that Hollywood is home to some of the richest people in the country. Alongside the various celebrities, and other high-dollar business owners are swanky supermarkets and expensive restaurants.
Hollywood Chef Brooke Baevsky, who goes by the name ItsChefBae on TikTok, shares what it’s like to be a private Chef for some of Hollywood’s top millionaires.
Brooke recently revealed how much she spent to restock one of her customer’s pantries, and viewers were left shocked at the total.
At the beginning of November, Chef Bae uploaded a video showing someone taking pictures of her half-full grocery cart with the caption: “What was in my $3,515.09 Erewhon Cart for a client?”
The private chef listed off a variety of items, including things like organic juices, dragon fruit, purple artichokes, and vegan paleo donuts.
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Viewers quickly replied to the viral video with their thoughts, with many shocked at the high price tag.
“The rich live in a completely different universe than us,” one user replied.
Another user replied: “Nothing there even sounds like a particularly expensive item. I was expecting to see a few fabulous cuts of steak and a fancy fish or something.”
“I feel like even if you’re wealthy this is such a waste of money lol – could be shopping Whole Foods or Bristol Farms for cheaper & invest the savings,” a third user commented.


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