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Finally, a reason to share those selfies in your phone.
You may have noticed a new trend going around the TikTok FYP. It’s not a trendy dance or viral recipe, but rather a format trend, known as the photo swipe. TikTok’s swipeable photo feature has really taken off and made way for several new TikTok trends featuring this template. There are meme-worthy photo swipe trends and ones that are cute relationship photo albums. Whether you’re in it for LOLs, sharing sweet moments with your followers, or just revealing more about yourself to your friends, here are some swipe photo trends to try.
Instagram used to be the place to share all your fave photos for your friends to see. However, it seems lately like your feed is more videos than pics with the introduction of Instagram Reels. While you may love recording video vlogs of your life with your besties, it’s a bit refreshing that TikTok is flipping the script as well and focusing on photos with this new trend. It gives you an opportunity to share those pics and selfies stored in your phone that you haven’t shared on the ‘Gram or elsewhere yet.
Luckily, it’s really simple to share a photo swipe TikTok. All you need to do is select the photos you want to share and click “next.” This will take you to the editing page, where it will default to the swipeable photo feature. You do have the option to “switch to video mode,” but you don’t want to do that for these photo swipe trends.
This trend is perfect for besties or partners who are the definition of “opposites attract.” All you need to do is share a couple of photos together with the song “Here With Me” by d4vd, and write out what makes you different on each photo.
This take on the trend from TikToker @jenvykim uses V and Jungkook from BTS as BFFs who are opposites. For example, while V is an extrovert, JK is more of an introvert. TikToker @lilsfilm also did this trend with Jess and Nick from New Girl. Nick is an introverted black cat and Jess is an extroverted golden retriever.
This trend can be super sweet or hilarious. All you need to do is screenshot texts you’ve received with your name in them, and use those photos for the TikTok carousel. Add a photo of yourself at the front with the caption, “some texts with my name.” Share with Maggie Rogers and Phoebe Bridgers’ cover of “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls playing in the background.
TikToker @maevetheestallion shared sweet texts and encouraging messages, while TikToker @tnrleigh went the funny route with texts he received from his food delivery driver.
When someone says something “altered their brain chemistry,” it most likely means it was a life-changing moment or a time when they discovered something great. Those impactful moments are the ones you want to share in this photo swipe trend. Just share a photo with text over it that explains what’s going on. Some moments like that for TikToker Kirsten Titus (@pepperonimuffin) include when she wore the same boots as someone else to a Doja Cat concert and when she met Jhené Aiko and Big Sean at Coachella.
This trend tells a story. You’ll start off with a selfie and text that says something like, “used to be a certified lover girl.” Then, you’ll share why you no longer subscribe to that title with each photo in the carousel. TikToker Erika Titus’ (@erikatitus) reason is thinking about someone liking her back makes her “physically ill.”
This trend has a very Tumblr-like vibe to it. It’s where you can share pieces of media that have really affected you or moments from media that stuck with you. This can be music, TV shows, or movies. Swifties can even share their fave Taylor Swift songs and albums from each one of her eras. Some other examples include Bridgerton and Fleabag, which are shows TikToker @nicrosej used.
Using the bridge from Taylor Swift’s song “Mastermind,” TikTokers are sharing the characters in media who are like them. You just have to share a photo of yourself first with a caption that says either “characters like me” or “my ‘omg they’re just like me’ characters.” Then, share photos of those characters from TV shows or movies you relate to with the reasons why they’re so relatable. Some examples TikToker @anna.bram used include Jess from New Girl and Pam from The Office.
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