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Every story is made better by this voice filter.
It’s only been about a month since the Trickster effect made its debut on TikTok, but the viral voice changer doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It feels like every other video on the FYP uses the voice effect for a cartoonish spin, but thankfully the goofy feature hasn’t lost its charm yet. In fact, users have found so many unique ways to incorporate the Trickster sound into their TikToks that the quirky voice has only gotten funnier over time. If you can’t get enough of the cartoon sound, there are some super funny Trickster voice effect TikToks to check out when you need a good laugh.
It’s no surprise the Trickster voice has seen a spike in popularity since its debut on the app in November 2022. Just like the other voice changer effects on the app, Trickster can be used on pets, people, music, movies, and so much more. Though the feature is sure to give your already-silly video an extra hilarious boost, one of the funniest ways to use the voice changer is to use it on an otherwise-normal video, because, why not. You can also use the effect on videos that contain more than one voice, despite the fact that there’s only one Trickster effect to play all the parts. That being said, there’s no right way to use the Trickster effect, as proven by the dozens of voice changer videos taking over the FYP.
Whether you’re an OG Trickster effect user or have yet to get the test feature, these TikToks expertly using the voice filter will keep you laughing while you scroll.

This TikTok from creator @brookelauwerss puts a new spin on the “couples sharing their icks” trend thanks to the always-hilarious Trickster voice.
TikToker @hannahbothe had to delete TikTok two times to get the Trickster effect, but it seems like it was worth it. Bonus points for Dad’s dedication to the invisible frog.
Just as the name implies, the Trickster voice changer effect is perfect for playing a prank on your bestie, like this video from @erikadesjardins7. Honestly, I jumped a little too at the end when the not-there elastic almost took flight.
Despite using a voice effect like Trickster, this TikTok of @noahandlori and her husband talking through the logistics of the viral no-heat curls using leggings is seriously so sweet (and hilarious) — and I think I need to put some leggings in my hair now.
Creator @victoriabrowne’s comical massage story is so wild that the Trickster effect is the most believable part of the video. (When I tell you I shivered all over as she told the part about a dry, scratchy towel being kneaded into her back.)
TikTok user @strawberrycowvintage tried the voice effect on a pet pigeon (yes, you read that right), and you’ll never guess what it sounds like.
Babies are the ultimate tricksters, but this TikTok from @saraplustwins is all treats and no tricks. Puzzle time has never been so funny.
FaceTiming your brother-in-law from the grocery store is chaotic enough as it is, but TikToker @sydney.o.cox took the disfunction to a whole new level with the Trickster sound used over footage of the harrowing journey.
New Girl stans know the famous “gave me cookie, got you cookie” speech inside and out, but adding the Trickster effect gives the LOL-worthy scene a whole new spin — just ask @rachelschrantzyy.
Asking your friends to step on your back isn’t always the best idea, and @kimberlysalterego found out that adding the Trickster voice effect doesn’t change that.
Despite its popularity, not everyone has been able to access the Trickster voice effect. According to TikTok, it’s likely that the popular effect isn’t available to everyone yet because it’s still in the testing phase. It’s hard not to have FOMO if you’re not in test, but thankfully there’s no shortage of Trickster content on the app to keep you laughing while you wait for a widespread rollout.
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