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Austin Ekeler is a top-quality running back who plays for the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL. He is dating renowned dancer and TikToker Melanie Wilking, who is currently 23 years old.
Wilking frequently goes to games to watch Ekeler in action and will be delighted with his performances this season. Wilking is a considerate and supportive partner and has a large social media following of her own. The pair spend a significant amount of time together dancing and creating videos, all the while looking like a very happy couple.
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With over 3 million followers and 60 million views, she is something of a Tiktok celebrity. Melanie Wilking and her sister Miranda are popular for their dance videos and have long been big in the social media world. The Wilking Sisters were once a band together, but 23-year-old Melanie dances to hit TikTok songs alone these days.
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In 2020, Wilking rose to fame with her TikTok videos. Her internet presence began during the period when everyone was secluded in their homes as a result of the pandemic.
Their different career paths and hectic lifestyles have not affected Austin Ekeler and Melanie Wilking’s relationship. Wilking and her sister have accumulated about $2 million in net worth, mainly due to their TikTok success. Melanie Wilking has previously performed on stage with several renowned Hollywood celebrities, including Joe Jonas, Selena Gomez, and Megan Trainor.
At seven, Wilking had already demonstrated her dancing prowess. She created a dance boot camp in their yard with her sister. Since she was younger, she has competed in numerous dance contests and won several, taking home a sizable financial prize every time.
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Austin Ekeler plays in the NFL for the Los Angeles Chargers. The superstar running back attended Western Colorado during his college football career before signing a free-agent contract with the Chargers in 2017. He rushed for 1,495 yards and 15 touchdowns as a senior.
As a limited free-agent running back, he initially agreed to a three-year agreement with the Chargers before signing a four-year, $24.5 million deal in March 2020. As a result, Ekeler will be eligible for free agency following the 2023 campaign.
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This season he has rushed for 534 yards and seven touchdowns, while adding 437 yards and four touchdowns through the air. In his Chargers career, Austin Ekeler has rushed for 3,346 yards and 28 touchdowns, and caught for another 3,163 yards and 28 touchdowns.
His story is among the most remarkable success stories, going from undrafted to one of the NFL’s top players.
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