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A viral audio clip of a kid aggressively singing “I wanna kill my mom” has sparked a new TikTok trend, nd it’s just as bizarre as it sounds.
The sound of a raging child scream-singing, “I wanna kill my mom” has been making the rounds on the short-form app.
The audio’s taken from a YouTube video posted by the vlog channel DuB Family, titled ‘Woo Wop Acts Emo Front Of Everyone.’ In the clip, social media child star Woo Wop and his dad, DuB Bridge, prank their family.
Woo Wop is seen dressed in a black beanie, a red top reading “evil”, and multiple chains hanging from his clothes and around his neck. He pranks his relatives by acting and screaming like an emo rapper.
At one point, he starts singing, “I wanna kill my mom. I wanna kill my dad. I wanna kill my grandma,” in a hoarse voice, leaving the family members shocked.
The video garnered over 4.4 million views on YouTube, and soon enough, Woo Wop’s dramatic scream-singing audio became a TikTok trend.
TikTok users are now using the viral sound to post hilarious skits, expressing their long-held childhood resentments about their parent.
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Content creator itsmollyesther spoke of going to book fairs during school without money. “When my parents sent me to the Scholastic book fair cashless,” she wrote over her video, with the ‘I wanna kill my mom’ sound playing in the background.
TikToker hannahvacante vented out her childhood frustration, stating, “When I was 5 and my mom made me wear a long sleeve under my Little Mermaid costume on Halloween.”
Videos using the new ‘I wanna kill my mom’ sound have already been garnering millions of views and likes on the social media app.
As thousands of TikTokers have shared their hilarious and specific childhood resenmtents, this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.
This is just another viral sound sweeping the app, following previous examples such as the ‘it’s corn’ sound, or the more recent “who is she?” trend.


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