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Could you even *imagine* sending MS. RACHEL hate mail??!!
By Cassandra Stone November 22, 2022
Sending Ms. Rachel a hateful email is the modern-day equivalent of punching Mr. Rogers in the face. One, it’s absurd to even have a single negative feeling about someone like Ms. Rachel, and two, people who bully saints like Ms. Rachel should absolutely face the consequences. And in this case, those consequences are angry moms on TikTok.
Ms. Rachel, who is known for her hit YouTube show “Songs For Littles,” shared that she was recently the recipient of some hate mail—and it deeply hurt her feelings.
“So, I got a really mean email,” she says in the heartfelt video. “Someone thought, ‘What are the meanest things I could say to Ms. Rachel to really hurt her?’ and then wrote that email.”
Love is power #msrachel #hate #haters #toddlermom
Ms. Rachel admits she was really hurt at first by the cruel words, but after she thought about it she realized the mean email had nothing to do with her personally.
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“I feel like people who write things like that, they’re in pain,” she said. “You can’t be happy and write things like that.”
She says the way she dealt with it she didn’t engage with them at all, but mentally sent them well wishes and tried to let it go. “Hate is powerlessness, and love is power,” she explains.
And while that’s an incredibly kind, mature, compassionate way of looking at the situation, moms all over TikTok united in support of every toddler’s favorite person by sharing (hilarious) responses of their own.
This is my personal favorite:
WE RIDE AT DAWN!!?? #msrachel #momsoftiktok #itsgoingdown #momtok #msrachelisthebest #momlife #msrachelemail #missrachel #parentsoftiktok #momsbelike #werideatdawn #msrachelforthewin #AmazonSavingSpree #petsmart #PetSmartMadeMeBuyIt #fakebody #trending #viral #foryou #thoming #fyp #yellowstonetv
Others made their messages short and simple: mess with Ms. Rachel, and you mess with all of us.
We ride at dawn!! No one messes with my kids favorite person on TV! #msrachel #songsforlittles #momtok #babytok #toddlertok #momsoftiktok #sahm @msrachelforlittles
You don’t make our babies’ fake friends sad. @msrachel #msrachel #toddlermomlife
NO ONE MESSES WITH OUR @msrachelforlittles ? #songsforlittles #msrachel #momsbelike #momsoftiktok
We ride at dawn #msrachel #msrachelsongforlittes #PetSmartMadeMeBuyIt #dontmesswithmsrachel #hatemail #werideatdawn
Other moms used their kids to send a response to Ms. Rachel’s bully.
We love you @Ms Rachel #screammovie #msrachel #msrachelemail
We hear @Ms Rachel had a mean email sent to her. We still love you and your bubblegum song ❤️ #welovemsrachel #songsforlittles #fyp #momsoftiktok #fypシ
If you have a child who is preschool-age or younger, chances are you’re pretty familiar with Ms. Rachel and her adorable, educational, valuable content. This isn’t Cocomelon, folks, this is legitimately teaching our kids important skills while also keeping them engaged. She’s our modern-day Mrs. Rogers and there isn’t a mean bone in her body. It’s upsetting (not to mention wild) to think anyone would think she’s deserving of harm or cruelty.
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This fall, Ms. Rachel “broke character” (though we’re pretty sure Ms. Rachel is just Ms. Rachel no matter who she’s talking to) and shared a story about mom guilt that made all of us feel seen and heard and valued—because that’s what she does, and that’s the kind of person she is.
So yeah, whoever sent that email—I hope you’re ready to potentially fend off thousands of moms who are ready to pull up and square off for our Queen!
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