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But so is she!
Shanae Ankney and Joey Young were one of the final couples on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, but their connection wasn’t strong enough to last beyond the beach. Though Joey said he and Shanae were “definitely on the same page” during the Nov. 21 episode (the first of the show’s two-part finale), Shanae said she was scared about their age gap and the fact that Joey still lived at home. “I just feel like I’m your fun, cool aunt and, like, not your girlfriend,” she said. “I’m not looking for someone that just, like, continues to be a social media freak, TikToks all over the place … you’re a great person, but I’m not looking for that.”
Joey said he’s not that, though, and “never even mentioned” being on TikTok to her. Still, Shanae’s mind was made. “At the end of the day, I’m looking for a husband,” she repeated in a confessional. “Not a TikTok boyfriend. He does TikToks, like, a lot.”
So, are twins Joey and Justin on TikTok? Ultimately, Shanae was right. Both Joey and Justin have individual accounts, and Joey is a little bit more active — though not by much. As of Nov. 21, Justin only has two videos, both from over a year ago. Joey has a handful more, but only one from this year: a reference to his first date with Shanae, actually.
Just like Joey and Justin took their onscreen journey together, they have combined their twin powers on TikTok. Their shared account, @.theyoungtwins, has nearly 7,000 followers — many more than either brother has alone. It’s also the most current account, with several videos documenting their journey on The Bachelorette and Paradise.
However, in Joey’s defense, it may be a stretch to say he has “a lot” of TikTok videos. There is a little dancing, sure, but it doesn’t look like he’s trying to position himself as the next TikTok dance trendsetter. It’s also worth noting that a lot of Bachelor Nation is on TikTok now, including Shanae herself! Like Joey and Justin, she isn’t particularly active on the platform, but she does have a few videos about her time on The Bachelor — including a few hilarious nods to #shrimpgate.
Even though things didn’t work out with Joey, Shanae’s other Paradise love story — the one with Genevieve Parisi, of course — seems to be alive and well. They follow each other on TikTok, and Genevieve even posted a sweet tribute to their unexpected friendship. “For anyone asking yes this is real and we still talk,” she clarified.
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