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US-based digital media measurement and analytics firm DoubleVerify (DV) and video hosting service TikTok have expanded their partnership, to offer advertisers post-campaign brand safety and suitability measurement.

Mark ZagorskiIn September, the two firms announced a partnership to measure ad viewability, fraud and in-geo impressions. DV can now provide post-campaign brand safety and suitability measurement for TikTok campaigns in the US: its technology classifies TikTok videos according to its own brand safety floor and suitability categories, while aligning with standards from the 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

The partnership draws on DV’s proprietary semantic science capabilities, which use tools including deep learning, machine learning and ontology – and manually review to analyze image, audio and text components to provide video-level content classification. DV’s video classification products define audio (video dialogue and music), visual (objects and people using optical character recognition (OCR)), and text (ontological and AI classification of metadata, captions and hashtags), accounting for nuances specific to each platform.

DoubleVerify CEO Mark Zagorski (pictured) comments: ‘User-generated content offers advertisers a high-engagement forum to connect with passionate online communities. Our expanded partnership will ensure campaigns can have transparency into adjacent content while maximizing impact and performance for our joint customers’.

Web site: www.doubleverify.com .

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