TikTok creator believes every apartment in city is interesting – Spectrum News NY1

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Rent is expensive in the city. But just how much space are New Yorkers getting for these prices?
Caleb Simpson, a content creator who goes around asking city residents what they pay for rent, is finding out.
He has gained a large following on social media after starting a series on TikTok (6 million followers), YouTube (1.3 million subscribers) and Instagram (643,000 followers) where he asks a stranger on the street how much they pay for rent, and then he tours their apartment on camera.
"I believe almost every apartment in [the city] is interesting," Simpson told Shannan Ferry Saturday morning on NY1.
Almost every apartment in the city is pretty expensive, too.
In October, median rent in Manhattan was over $4,000 per month. In Brooklyn, it was almost $3,500 a month, and in northwest Queens, median rent was just north of $3,000 a month.
Is it worth it?
"I believe it through and through, but that’s because I live here. But a lot of people don’t," Simpson said.


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