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Social media fanatics interested in conspiracy theories often search for the Lauren Spierer case. While it happened 11 years ago, the case continues to dominate searches on Google.
The case became even more intriguing when the mother of the missing college student, Charlene, announced on Facebook that her family had seen Spierer in a TikTok video. She also mentioned that the family had taken the necessary action regarding the same.
On August 7, 2021, a page run by the family of Lauren Spierer posted:
While Charlene didn’t specify exactly which video she was talking about, the word spread like wildfire on social media.
In a video shared by Ty The Crazy Guy on TikTok, the creator claimed that a woman resembling Lauren Spierer was seen in the video of the virtual casino, Roobet. The creator said:
In the video, he also pointed out a woman and claimed she resembles Lauren Spierer. Adding to the same, the TikToker said:
The video became insanely popular on TikTok and many other social media handles and garnered millions of views in just a few days. The video posted by the TikToker about the conspiracy also addressed women being trafficked to the casino. He claimed that many of them looked drugged, while others were just passing out while dealing.
The woman, who allegedly resembles Lauren Spierer, was also seen wearing a mask, which made the video even more questionable.
Lauren Spierer was a college student who disappeared on June 3, 2011, after a night of partying with her friends. She was deemed missing as her parents claimed that the girl never reached home. As per the Indiana police, a friend reported that Lauren had visited the sports bar with a group of her male friends.
However, Lauren returned home, after which she went out to another friend’s apartment. Police found a lot of CCTV footage in which she can be seen on the same day. However, none of the videos suggest that Lauren was in distress.
Authorities still haven’t found Spierer, giving rise to speculation about the woman seen in the TikTok video.
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