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TikTok took the world by storm when it came in 2016. The app that started just for fun has become the top third social media app today, following Facebook and Instagram. Almost every teenager has a TikTok account these days. Its popularity is unquestionable, and it has become kids’ obsession.
Many parents worry that the addition to TikTok negatively impacts their children. With technological advancement and the development of new apps daily, parental control apps have also improved. This article introduces one of the best parental control apps, Wondershare FamiSafe. So if you’re a concerned parent, then this article is a must-read for you.
While TikTok is a fun social media app, it has many negative impacts, which are scary, especially for kids, as they are in their learning stage of life and take everything at heart. So, let’s get to know some of the negative effects of TikTok and the need for the best parental control app:  
People are posting all kinds of content on TikTok, some of which aren’t appropriate for children. Kids start following anything attractive they watch on social media, even if it is no good. If they see inappropriate sexual content or stunts in a video, they will try to recreate those videos. Such habits will ultimately affect their character and cause them harm which is concerning. 
Wherever we go on social media, there are models and celebrities with sleek bodies. Thousands of people post about their diet routines and heavy weight loss journey. There is nothing wrong with working out and taking care of your body, but such things can have a stronger effect on children. Kids find themselves ugly when they look at perfect bodies and become insecure about being chubby or having acne. 
Social media has made everyone lazy and useless. Kids spend several hours looking at TikTok and scrolling the app for entertainment. With time, this habit can become an addiction which is why today’s generation is less productive. Kids these days don’t go outside and play games; instead, they watch TikTok all day, which seriously affects their minds.  
Nothing is ever private in your kid’s life if they post their videos on TikTok. You never know what kind of audience is looking at their videos. There can be stalkers who can follow them home or to their school and cause them harm. The world outside is filled with dangerous people, and posting TikTok just like that can make you visible to everyone.
Wondershare FamiSafe is the best choice if you’re looking to monitor your kid’s TikTok activity. There is no need to pick up your kid’s phone to look at their activity because, with FamiSafe, you can do it all through your phone. The app also shows TikTok history, so you can check what your kid was watching. You can see how much time they spend on TikTok and what kind of videos they watch and search for. 
Other than that, FamiSafe is great for keeping track of your kid’s whereabouts all the time. You can add app restrictions to keep them away from their phones. If you find any inappropriate picture on their phone, you can delete that picture or blur it. FamiSafe offers amazing security and phone activity features, making it one of the best parental control apps.
To get started on FamiSafe, first, you need to set it up on both parents’ and kids’ devices. Let’s see how that can be done. 
Step 1: Download the FamiSafe app and create your FamiSafe account. You can create it directly or log in via your Apple, Google, or Facebook account. 
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Step 2: Continue to the app as a parent by pressing the “Connect a Device” button. You will see a QR code and a pairing code on the screen. These codes will further help you connect your device with your kid’s device.  
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You can use a QR code or a pairing code to connect with the kid’s device. Follow the steps described below to use any of the methods:
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This is an updated feature, so you need to install the latest version of FamiSafe in order to connect your kid’s device using a QR code. Here, you need to scan the QR code given on the parents’ device. Scanning the QR will automatically install the app and pair the devices. 
In this method, you need to download the app first manually. Once it is installed, launch the app and click on “Start.” After that, enter the pairing code that you were given on the parents’ device. Both devices will be paired once you have entered the code. 
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Step 1: To get all the required information about your kid, turn on the accessibility. Now allow the app to run in the background so you can add restrictions and block certain apps. 
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Step 2: Activate the display of FamiSafe over the other apps so that it appears over other apps when they are blocked. Allow the supervision of apps to look at your kid’s activity. 
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Step 3: Allow the app to access the notifications in order to gain control over the notifications as well. Give the administrator permission to maintain the screen time of your kid.
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Step 4: Permit the app to run in the background by allowing “Autostart” and turning off the “Battery Saver” option. Lastly, activate the location to know about your kid’s location and look at their msgs. 
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Step 1: You need to grant accessibility permission to access your kid’s location anytime. To do this, go to settings and select the FamiSafe settings. From there, go to “Location” and activate the accessibility. 
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Step 2: For the best security, download the FamiSafe profile and closely monitor your kid. Download the profile using Safari and after that, give the required permissions to the app. 
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Step 3: To keep your kids safe from inappropriate content, activate the content blockers from Safari. To do this, go to the settings of Safari, and from there, activate the FamiSafe Content Blocker. 
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Once you have set up both phones, go back to your device and open the FamiSafe app. Go to the app’s features, and from there, select “TikTok History.” Here you can see what kind of videos your kid is watching and how much time they spend on TikTok. Keeping that in view, you can add screen time restrictions and minimize their use of TikTok.
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Becoming famous has never been as easy as it is now. Everyone is a TikTok star nowadays and has thousands of followers. Kids these days are spending way too much time on TikTok, which is an unhealthy and unproductive habit. 
This article suggests a smart way to keep an eye on your kid’s activity with FamiSafe. Thousands of parents trust the app with their children. Download FamiSafe and get the best parental control services.
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