NJ Dad Direct Messages Taylor Swift for Tickets in Viral TikTok – 94.5 PST

Nobody panic! This New Jersey dad is getting the Taylor Swift ticket hookup!
Unless you've been under a rock at the bottom of the Pacific, you're aware of the absolute mayhem the ticket sales for Taylor Swift's 'Eras' Tour has caused. When pre-sales launched on Tuesday, the historic, unprecedented number of people who swarmed to Ticketmaster caused the site to malfunction. Millions of others were waiting in alarmingly long queue lines, and still weren't able to score.
In a viral video on TikTok video posted by @chickenwangkween, her problem-solving king of a father (who is clearly fed up with her complaining about tickets) messages Taylor's official Instagram account. The video has over 1.8 million views, and it's absolutely hilarious.
Check out the video down below! *Warning: There's a naughty word in the message to Taylor* But it's so funny, and it's exactly the type of thing a frustrated New Jersey dad would say.

It's the lovingly aggressive act of service for me! By the way, the size of his text notification was a jump scare.
Hook a dad up, TT!


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