From 'I do' to new do: Brides go viral on TikTok with mid-wedding day haircuts – New York Post

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Something borrowed, something blue, something trending on social.
Blushing brides are raising brows on TikTok by hitting pause in the middle of the big day to have their hair cut, in an effort to add extra bounce and shine to the wedding reception.
When Olivia Lopez was choosing a look to accompany the sequined white jumpsuit she hoped to wear for her epic afterparty last August, the 26-year-old from Oklahoma came across videos of brides getting their hair cut right after the ceremony, and immediately knew she’d found the special something she was after.
With 29.7 million TikTok views on the hashtag #weddinghaircut, stylists on duty are increasingly finding themselves tasked with a lot more than a loose curl or an up-do. Now, they’re often pulling out the sheers for a speedy, mid-event lop-off.
“I don’t really do anything crazy or dramatic — it was out of my comfort zone,” Lopez told The Post, saying that while the move felt “super controversial” to her, she was thrilled with the result.
“I’ve always had my hair long and I almost feel like I needed that little push, to do it for something so special,” she said.
Delanie Speeler, 25, who uses they/them pronouns, was inspired after seeing the hair chop trend appear on TikTok trend mid wedding-planning.
Explaining they had grown their wavy, dark hair long for the wedding to have “more style options,” Speeler knew they wanted something dramatic when it came to the reception. The stylist was only too happy to give the bride a buzz cut.
seeing the reaction on our families faces as we walked into the reception was priceless #fyp #foryou #wedding #weddingday #weddinghaircut
“I knew I wasn’t probably going to be doing an outfit change,” Speeler, from Covington, Georgia, explained. “So I thought, you know, my dramatic reveal would be to do a hair change.”
Only telling a select group of people — including their parents, grandparents and future husband — of their plans, accomplishing Speeler’s new look took all of 30 minutes.
“[The guests] thought I had worn a wig,” Speeler said. “Then they got a closer look [and] realized that was my actual hair.”
For Leah Anderson, 26, the quick chop was a perfect way to add variety to her wedding album; she ducked away for her haircut during the cocktail hour.
“What better day to chop off 16 inches than on my wedding day?” Anderson joked, saying she’s always gone back and forth between short and long hair.
Describing the idea as “bold,”  the St. Louis newlywed at first didn’t think there would be enough time to make the dramatic change, but managed to pull it off, telling The Post she was thrilled with the outcome.
“It was a really fun and unique time I got to spend with the photographers, videographers, and [my husband],” the blushing bride reminisced, adding she enjoyed surprising everyone with her bold second look.
“I love that I have those surprised faces as part of my wedding memories,” she said.


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