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Shower cleaning hack
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A shower head cleaning hack was posted by TikTok users @thekali.xanh2594 who have 115.9K followers and 3.5M “likes” on their videos. In it, the pair tried a trick that advises tying a bag of vinegar around a shower head.
The hack suggests leaving this to soak for several hours, or even overnight for a very dirty showerhead. The white vinegar, because of its acidic properties, dissolves away mineral deposits, dirt, grime and grease.
The pair tied a bag of white vinegar around their showerhead. This method is designed to deep clean the shower by drawing dirt and limescale out.
“You just put it on and wait 15 minutes,” one of the men explains, detailing the way the hack works. The other replied: “And that’s what comes out of it? Oh, we’ve got to try that.”
The pair then filmed their responses to the hack, which undoubtedly worked given the residue and debris left in the bag. One explained: “We’re in the shower, and I don’t want to show you want we see.
READ MORE: ‘You are not going to believe the secret ingredient in my homemade glass cleaner’A shower headA bag tied around the shower head“You don’t want to see this. If you ever want to take a shower again, I suggest you turn away. Honestly. Are you ready for this?”
Looking at the small bits of brown and white matter floating in the vinegar, one remarked: “Ew. What on earth is that? What is this, bacteria? That’s so gross.”
The pair’s followers took to the comment to explain the dirt in the bag. One said: “A lot of it is just calcium deposits, especially if you have hard water.” Another praised the hack, and said: “White vinegar is THE best cleaner.” Another added: “I clean my coffee maker with it. I’ve done it for years.”
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Shower cleaning hack has ‘amazing results’ on limescale [TIKTOK] What to clean with white vinegarWhite vinegar is an excellent and cheap way to clean many areas of the home, and so many homeowners swear by it. What’s more, it’s a natural ingredient – cleaning without using harsh chemicals. White vinegar is acidic, which means it can break down dirt and grime. It also acts as a disinfectant, killing germs including salmonella. It is often used to tackle laundry stains, soften clothes in the wash, and clean glass and mirrors.White vinegarThere are so many areas of the home you can clean with white vinegar. They include the sink, floors, a greasy stove or counter, the oven, the microwave, coffee makers, cutting boards, wine glasses, dishwashers, the fridge and freezer, and the bin.
Since white vinegar is such a versatile cleaner, perhaps the better question is what should you avoid cleaning with it? White vinegar can damage certain areas of your house. It’s not advised to use white vinegar on natural stones, including marble or granite. It also should not be used on the car.
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