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Olivia Wilde’s way is *way* easier.
Siren eyes have been a much-loved TikTok beauty trend for a while, but Olivia Wilde just gave the look a winter update. On Saturday, Nov. 13, Wilde attend the Baby2Baby gala in a sublime two-piece ‘fit and accentuated the look’s clean lines with a fresh take on this viral liner look. Wilde’s version of siren eyes, applied with surgical precision by celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker, isn’t just a new version of a trend that currently has over 750 million views on TikTok. It’s also a less complicated alternative to pull off than the more popular version you’ve seen all over your For You Page. More impact for less effort? Yes, please.
The “siren eye” beauty trend, which you’ve definitely seen and probably saved starting in July, is a makeup look that extends the line of the eye beyond its inner and outer corners. Named for the mysterious and dangerous sea maidens known for luring sailors to their doom — think deep sea succubae, not Halle Bailey’s Ariel — this look is vampy to the max. It’s also a bit difficult to pull off and requires a very delicate hand. “Wilde siren eyes,” though, let you get a little more creative with a lot more room for error.
Rather than focusing just on the inner and outer corners of the eye, “Wilde siren eyes” incorporate an all-over look on both waterlines with a dramatic cat eye finish on the outer edge, plus spidery lashes. In other words, this look is amped up and a bit smudgy, meaning you don’t have to use a delicate angled brush or go in with a makeup-remover-drenched cotton swab to tidy it up after painstakingly applying it.
In terms of the products, you’re going to want two liners in the mix. The first should be soft enough to layer onto your waterline and budge-proof so your eyes serve Wilde siren, not raccoon. The best eyeliner for this approach is likely kohl in the form of a thick crayon or a thin pencil, whichever is easiest for you.
After you get your initial all-over liner set, you’re going to want to gently accentuate your lines with either a brush and gel liner or a precision-tipped liquid liner. This approach guarantees you’ll get those ultra-sharp edges at the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Check out Elite Daily’s picks for the best liquid and kohl eyeliners for “Wilde siren eyes” below.
Before you forge ahead with your own “Wilde siren eyes,” it’s important to remember a few things. First, you will poke yourself, multiple times, in both of your eyes before you perfect this look. Also, you’re going to want to give yourself plenty of time to practice and get your angles right. Using a nice setting powder or an eyeliner template like Half Magic Beauty’s Wing Magician will definitely get your siren eyes on point. Happy drawing, y’all.
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