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TikToker Amy says she lives in a humid home so is battling against mould
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A TikTok mum has shared her top tip for keeping mould at bay. Amy says she lives in a humid house so regularly finds herself having to battle against mould.
And, as many know, mould can be particularly dangerous for those who are sensitive to the allergen it produces. It can cause problems for children and those with respiratory problems.
So it can be important to nip mould in the bud before it starts to spread around your home. One mum has now shared her genius TikTok hack for keeping the mould away.
Amy, who boasts 12,000 followers on her survivingabuseandbeyond handle, shared her tip with her viewers. She said: "So we’ve got a very humid house and humidity in a house means mould nearly all the time. I see it again and again and I’ve had complaints from friends on Facebook saying I've got mould in my house. How do I get rid of it?”
"In this house we don’t [have mould] because I’m on top of it but also we don’t have a bad drainage system. So I’ll tell you what I use… it's basically rubbing alcohol, it's 99% and this stuff is lethal on mould.”
Bottles of rubbing alcohol can be bought on Amazon for around £6. Amy says she decants it into a spray bottle every four to five weeks.
She then pulls out the furniture and sprays behind it to keep the mould away. She says the trick also works in the bathroom.
She says she has been spraying rubbing alcohol on her window sill and keeping the window open to keep the mould away. She said: “I’ve been keeping on top of it with the rubbing alcohol just spraying it and it’s not come back."
Amy’s video now has over 49,000 views and viewers were impressed with Amy’s tip. One commenter said: “That's a good idea I'll be trying that.”


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