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Social icons are a good way to connect with your audience and increase your followers, but they have specific guidelines that must be followed.
Social media is a ubiquitous part of the modern digital experience.
Even those holdouts who insist they don’t need a Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter account are still endlessly subjected to it in the form of linked posts, articles, and references.
And most organizations know the importance of maintaining a presence on these platforms.
That’s why so many web pages, blog posts, and emails include familiar icons like the little blue bird for Twitter, the camera for Instagram, “in” for LinkedIn, etc.
Most people know that if they click on these instantly recognizable icons on a website or in an email, it will direct them to the business’ page on the corresponding social media site.
And these icons have even started showing up in offline settings: on outdoor advertising, television commercials, or printed on the bottom of collateral to encourage viewers to find and follow the advertiser on digital platforms.
But before you go slapping the red Pinterest “p” and the Facebook “f” on all your outward-facing materials, there are a few things you need to know – most importantly, that these icons are copyright protected and need to be used in accordance with the social media site’s mandated brand guidelines.
Improper usage or distortion can lead to legal ramifications for your business.
Not to worry, as this piece is intended to give you all the information you need to stay compliant with these guidelines, as well as where to find logos for 10 of the most popular social media platforms.
The approved Facebook icon can be downloaded from the Facebook Brand Resources page.
Usage Guidelines
YouTube offers three downloadable icons (full-color light, full-color dark and monochrome) from its Brand Resources page.
Usage Guidelines
WhatsApp brand assets, including icons, are available for download on the Brand Overview page.
Usage Guidelines
The icons for Instagram are available for download on the Brand Icons page.
Usage Guidelines
TikTok and logo and button packs can be downloaded on the Design Guidelines page.
Usage Guidelines
Download the official Snapchat ghost logo from the Brand Guidelines page.
Usage Guidelines
Pinterest icons can be downloaded on the site’s Brand Guidelines page.
Usage Guidelines
The Reddit logo, wordmark, and share icons can be downloaded from the Brand Resources page.
Usage Guidelines
LinkedIn’s logos and icons are available on its Downloads page.
Usage Guidelines
Twitter assets are available on the Brand Toolkit page.
Usage Guidelines
As you can see, there is some variation in the ways in which you can employ social media icons, but they all have a few things in common – namely, that they do not allow modifications and they should be used to connect to your brand’s page on the respective platform.
If you’re using multiple icons, make sure they’re consistent in terms of size and resolution.
This means that while LinkedIn’s minimum size is 21 pixels, it should be at least 32 pixels when placed alongside the Twitter bird.
Speaking of placement, you should choose a prominent location when placing them, but take care that they don’t overshadow your own branding.
Two of the most common locations for these icons on web pages are at the very top, and in the footer. In these places, they’re easily found by users, while becoming a seamless part of the page’s design.
In addition to including them on web pages, you can also include them in your email signature or in email newsletters.
They can also be used in non-hyperlinking marketing like television commercials, on billboards, and in print ads. Just be aware that these uses only serve to acknowledge that your brand has a presence on these platforms.
Social media icons are a great way to boost your follower numbers while providing a way for people to connect with your business. Just be aware that there are reasonably strict guidelines about how and when they can be used.
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