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Nov. 16 2022, Published 11:28 a.m. ET
We all know that TikTok is full of helpful tips (and some that are less so). The tart cherry juice sleep hack TikTok is raving about got our attention.
We had to know what brave TikTok creators are saying about whether it actually works, and then, we dug into the science a bit to find out if the hack is worth a go.
Among those on the social media platform who would recommend sipping tart cherry juice when you want a good rest is a creator by the name of Hym the Rapper.
Let’s see if this actually works 🍒😴 #tartcherryjuice #sleeptest #insomniatiktok #tartcherry #cantsleepcheck #fyp #viral
The best part of the TikTok shared is an over-the-top reaction to how tart the juice tastes.
We love how the creator and courageous cherry juice drinker hilariously imparted not detecting even a hint of cherry — the concoction was so sour. But as Hym reported groggily six hours later, the hack totally worked.
Another convert is TikTok creator Laura Lashae, who actually gave the tart cherry juice sleep hack not one, but two tries!
I’m desperate 😂😂😂 Trying this again. #sleeptok #sleephack #trendinghack #tartcherryjuice #teamnosleep #sleep #willthiswork
The creator noted she “slept like a log” after imbibing the viral stuff. In the comments section of her post, she also imparted about her juice, “I bought mine from Publix but any Pure (or 100%) Tart Cherry from any grocer would work. Best wishes and happy sleepy time to you!”
At least one TikTok creator was not convinced by the efficacy of the tart cherry juice in inducing some zzz’s.
As Sanjana noted, they were “inclined to think it was just a placebo effect” for those insomniacs who are now tart cherry juice converts.
so for rn I’m gonna say tart cherry juice doesn’t help me sleep #fyp#tartcherryjuice#sleep#cherryjuice#sleephacks#sleepadvice#nyc#student
There’s a reason beyond possibly just a placebo effect that the tart cherry juice made some samplers ready for a snooze.
Consider that according to WebMD, tart cherry juice contains two sleep-inducing ingredients: tryptophan and melatonin, both of which you’ve likely heard of before.
We typically associate tryptophan with turkey, because, yes, it’s found within our traditional Thanksgiving main course, per Healthline. And, anyone who is seeking a good night’s sleep is familiar with melatonin.
How it works is that melatonin, a sleep hormone, is induced by tryptophan. According to the Sleep Foundation, 100 grams of tart cherries infuse your body with 9 milligrams of that tryptophan. What’s more is that the tart cherries also have their own melatonin, and can tell the body to up its own supply, according to research.
But, not everyone is a candidate for melatonin when it comes to treating sleep challenges, per Parsley Health. For some of us, sleep evades us due to anxiety and a host of other factors that may not respond as effectively. Oh, just us?
Well, the good news is whether or not drinking tart cherry juice when you are craving a deep sleep works to send you off to dreamland, the beverage is mostly safe. Healthline recommends speaking with your doctor, however, to be sure the possible tummy-trouble-causer is right for your needs.
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