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Kawter Abed is a London-based Entertainment Writer at Dexerto. She covers mainstream celebrities and the biggest TikTok trends. Kawter has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media, and a Master’s in International Journalism. When she's not covering celebrities and TikTok stories, she enjoys reading, binging shows on Netflix, and playing nostalgic Nintendo games. You can contact her at kawter.abed@dexerto.com
A new ‘sound’ of a woman saying “get somebody else to do it” has turned into a viral trend on TikTok. Here is what it’s all about.
TikTok is notorious for making trends and challenges out of ‘sounds,’ allowing users to post funny videos, create viral dance routines, and much more.
Some of the most iconic ones trending on the app include ‘it’s a chicken salad,’ ‘lying in bed on my own,’ and the catchy ‘it’s corn‘ sound.
If you have been scrolling through your For You Page lately, you might have caught some videos using a random audio clip of someone saying: “Uh uh, get somebody else to do it.”
So far, over 160,000 videos have been uploaded using the viral original sound, as users have come up with a hilarious new trend. Here is everything you need to know about it.
 A grandmother and her granddaughter seemingly started the trend in a shopping mall. In a viral clip with 14 million views, TikToker d.iavion asks her grandmother to record a quick video.
“Excuse me, can you record me real quick?” she asks, to which her grandma solemnly responds, “Uh uh, get somebody else to do it.”
She then tells her that it’s “for an audition,” and her granny points to another person in the mall, asking her to request them to film her instead.
The sound quickly blew up, as TikTokers are using it in their videos to share scenarios where they didn’t want to do something they were requested to do.
Actress Skai Jackson joined the trend, as she shared a relatable moment in a video using the audio clip. “When your mom asks you for a favor after having an attitude all day,” the text overlay read.
Other popular videos have used captions like “When your sibling calls you at 3 am to come open the door,” “When my mum can’t connect to the wifi after shouting at me,” and “When someone tries asking me to help them kill a bug.”


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