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ANYONE who has seen 1990's Home Alone probably remembers eight-year-old Kevin McCallister's trip to the grocery store.
Played by Macaulay Culkin, the boy sets out for the shop, where he buys a range of goods for under $20.
In the movie, Kevin paid $19.83 for the much-needed items to survive until his family returned home.
The list included bread, milk, toilet paper, fabric softener, macaroni-and-cheese, orange juice, cling wrap, a turkey TV dinner, laundry detergent, and a small bag of plastic Army men.
But thanks to inflation and 32 years passing, it appears Kevin's shopping list would be a little more costly if the story were to take place in 2022.
Rochelle Chalmers, known on TikTok as @doughnutmama, decided to recreate the order on the Kroger website to find out how much the items would cost today.
To her surprise, the price came out to $44.40.
A reporter with Nexstar Media Wire also decided to see how much the order would cost in 2022, but instead, at a grocery store in Illinois where the film is set.
Kevin lived in a fictional town called Shermer but the reporter went shopping to recreate the list at the family-owned supermarket Rockford Schnucks, on Charles Street in Rockford.
The movie was primarily filmed fewer than 20 miles from Chicago in WinnetkaIllinois.
Despite being unable to perfectly replicate the order due to certain brands not being available, the items were pretty close to the movie – except for the cost.
The haul totaled $47.52 – $50.20 with tax – without the bag of Army men.
After adding a bag of Army men from Amazon, the price increased to $57.27.
The media outlet also checked how prices have changed over the years with the help of the US inflation Calculator.
They found that something worth $19.83 in 1990 would be $45.03 in 2022.
In response to Rochelle's TikTok video on the price change, one person commented: "Mine was $50.35 after sales tax and since he got two plastic bags would be $50.45 since they’re 5cents each."
To which Rochelle responded: "Lol! It’s been interesting to see the prices all over the different parts of the country. And also depressing."
Another person commented: "Yeah inflation is normal. But what about his house? How much did his house cost them compared to now???"
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