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Katie Couric is back to try out another TikTok trend, but this one didn't seem to yield the results she'd hoped. 
Over the summer, the 65-year-old journalist tried out the TikTok hydrangea hack, where people dunk their wilted flowers in water to perk them back up—and it worked perfectly. This time, she documented her attempt at the viral recipe for yogurt bark, but it turned out to be a bit of a fail. 
The TikTok video, shared to her page on Friday, Nov. 11, started off strong, with Couric showing the camera the yogurt spread out on a pan while she covered it with strawberries, blueberries, granola and chocolate chips. She then popped it in the freezer before taking it out to test out the flavor—which, judging by her face, wasn't so tasty. 
Set to the viral "Oh no" audio on TikTok, Couric's video shows her cringing in disgust after taking a bite and even shaking her head over the "sour" taste. 
At least Couric knows exactly what she can do to improve the recipe, as she states in the clip, "I think this would be really good if you have vanilla yogurt, but I just personally feel like the plain yogurt is too sour." 
Still, it couldn't have been that bad, as the former Today anchor ironically goes in for another bite right after saying she doesn't like the taste. 
A user in the comments suggested adding a drizzle of honey in addition to vanilla yogurt if she tries the recipe again, an idea Couric said she will definitely be doing next time. 
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