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Elaine Hendrix, the actress who famously played evil step-mother-to-be Meredith Blake in 1998's The Parent Trap, is making fans' hearts complete with a new video, where she alludes to one of her character's most memorable scenes. 
In a new clip shared to TikTok on Friday, Nov. 11, Hendrix, now 51, put her own spin on the popular trend using Taylor Swift's new song "Anti-Hero," where users show themselves running to the door only to find a "problematic" someone standing behind it. 
In Hendrix's version, she heads to the door while clad in workout clothes and a sporty backpack, much like her character in the hit film who fails to be the "outdoorsy" type while on a hike with her fiancé, Nick (Dennis Quaid), and his twins Hallie and Annie (Lindsay Lohan).
As Parent Trap lovers know, the twins—who instead want their dad to be back with their mom (Natasha Richardson)—plant a lizard on Meredith's Evian water bottle, and, later, her head, causing her to scream. While her mouth is open, the creature scurries into her mouth. 
In reference to the scene, Hendrix opens the door to none other than—you guessed it—a giant lizard, who turns around holding an Evian bottle right when the lyrics exclaim, "It's me!" 
The Dynasty star is then seen looking very confused, mouthing the lyric "Hi," while giving a half-hearted wave. The camera then pans back to the giant green lizard for the line, "I'm the problem; it's me." 
Fans in the comments couldn't get enough of the comical spin on the nostalgic moment, with one person writing, "If Elaine is not over The Parent Trap and Meredith Blake, I am not over it either," to which Hendrix responded, "Never." 
"Evian should hire you as their brand ambassador," another user quipped, and Hendrix agreed, "They really should. #Evian." 
"TAYLOR SWIFT x MEREDITH BLAKE… dreams DO come true," someone else wrote, prompting Hendrix to reply, "Now I just need to be in one of her videos 🙏🏼" 
Catch us waiting for Meredith Blake to show up in a Taylor Swift music video for the rest of time! 
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