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Montclair, NJ – Imagine you are watching a movie with the fam and there’s a man in your kitchen. That happened to Troy (@hiscrookedhalo) who lives near Porter Place in Montclair. He put up a warning on Tik Tok and asked people to share it far and wide. According to Troy, Montclair Police told him these kinds of crimes are becoming a “daily occurrence.”

It’s sort of the loneliest story on Baristanet this week. No byline, just a couple words, the police with that “daily occurrence” shrug. No comments. Dave? Frank? Anybody? I guess the politicians are right, it’s all in our imaginations. Sorry Troy, Montclair is not effected.
Seriously? We just agreed to spend $188MM to prop up our property values. We are redeveloping blighted Montclair North & South, East & West to line our wallets with $ from wallets of newcomers and visitors. We have not asked the Montclair Police Department to publish any kind of activity reports in years and years. Anyone who has the low-down on which schools & teachers are best for their kids should also know crime is way up. You should OPRA gun licenses issued here. It is not in our financial interests to publish our criminal activity.
We get two PSA’s a year – school is back in session so drive safe, and lock your doors. Yes, this happens all the time now yes, it is a little bit of a shock when it happens to your home. Sorry this happened to them.
But, I have different values on life. I would have set all the family members upstairs.
Seriously Frank? We only want to “prop up our property values?” The way things are going I just hope my kids make it out alive. It sounds like peoples’ greatest fear could be Steven Colbert divulging on national tv what his little suburb is really like. Restaurants, film festivals, Teslas (which he never has to fill up), parks, carjackings, home invasions. But at least we’re strapped in to another $188,000,000 in debt to keep those schools brand-spanking mediocre.
You think 85% voted for the bond, when less than 40% will use school system, for the kids’ sake? When was the last time a vote here was so one-sided? And remember, the PTA pitched the property value thing…and those that said their kids will finish before most of the work is started.
Another hilarious post, Frank. There must be some algorithm to help readers decipher your daily contortions of language, logic and stats. If not, could it be that Baristanet’s most prolix contributor is actually a subversive? Some of us suspect you were the one leading Hansel and Gretel into the woods and breadcrumbs had nothing to do with it. And yet, although it’s clear you have too much time on your hands, Frank, I really do hope you have a Happy Sunday. Get outside. Enjoy the fall weather!
Seriously MyrmidonMoose, what’s with that German thing you got going on?
Moose, Go easy on Frank. He is Montclair’s Col. Nathan Jessup. “You can’t handle the truth” We need him on that wall.
Frank, A little too much Tik-Tok drama. Someone coming through an unlocked kitchen door is not insane. Leaving your door unlocked is insane. I experienced a break in a few years ago. Chased the guy out, called the cops, and moved on. No biggie. I was advised to buy a gun but declined. I am more of crossbow kind of guy. I don’t like loud noises. I did my part to help property values…sshhh.
It’s my fault I wasn’t clear. I’m with you. Been there, done that, too…as have many who have lived here long enough. And why I mention the simplicity of our PSA’s.
As you said, we’re growing up fast and, unless the responsible adult in the room has their head in the sand, the suburbanite camp in Montclair most know we have all kinds of increasing crime. I assume the urban transfers camp just knows this instinctively. Back in the day, burglars had the decency to wait until we locked up and everyone was asleep. Back in the day we didn’t send our dogs to chase criminals. OK, we unintentionally sent 2 cats once. We made the mistake of commanding them to hide.
Burglars today are mostly downright inconsiderate and unskilled, not to mention putting fences out of business.
PS: That ‘Community Investment’ bond label sealed the deal for me, too. A community with $7B in total assessed value appreciating 10% or more. A no brainer.
I think that TikTok video will do nothing but embolden would be burglars. No wonder the gentile catburglar is a thing of the past.

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