TikTok Dad Makes The Funniest Mistake Trying To Buy His Daughter 'Pads With Wings' – Yahoo News

When raising a child through a developmental stage with little personal experience, you may be at a loss for what to do.
One TikTok father was confronted with this reality when his daughter got her first period, and she asked him to buy her “pads with wings.” Despite this, TikTok is giving him props for his effort, if only because it had a hilarious result.
In the opening of his viral TikTok video, @k.othabarber claims that his “baby mama” texted him, “hey baby dad, your daughter just got her period at school.”
The creator of the TikTok video then zooms in on a food container along with the Always Maxi pads he bought for his daughter.
“I got her some Always pads, and I got her some wings, but I ain’t know that’s not what she meant,” he explained, “She meant just the pads that had the wings.”
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To wrap up the video, he admitted to the mess up but reminded the viewers that it was still all good.
“Yup, I f*cked up. It’s all good,” he said.
The TikToker has gotten mad love for his sincerity and the comedic value of his mistake, amassing over 426,000 views on the platform.
“You can never go wrong with both wings,” cooed one TikTok user.
“The pads will help her with her cycle and the wings is emotional support & care. Add a little note telling her that you love her,” said another.
“Overstood the assignment,” said another.
From the sound of it, the next time you need to bring your child something like sanitary pads, you should also pull up with some support food and chocolate!
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