‘Motherhood f–king sucks’: TikTok mom's brutally honest take on parenting gets Julia Fox's support – New York Post

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Five months into her motherhood journey, one mom is being very blunt and honest about the “scam” that is parenting.
“I still hate it. It’s been f–king months; it still sucks,” Nikki Munoz said in a viral video on TikTok.
Rewind a few months, and Nikki shared her first honest take on her new life as a mum, admitting she absolutely loathes being a parent, Kidspot reports.
“Motherhood f–king sucks and I hate it, and I knew that I would hate it, and I f–king hate it,” she said in the original video, which has been viewed over 285,000 times.
In that video, she listed all the things she detested about becoming a mum: Having to feed and burp her son, getting him to sleep, being the default parent, reliving the same day every day, holding him all the time, tiptoeing around her own house, and paying attention for long periods of time.
“Motherhood is a scam, it’s a f–king scam.”
In her latest video, a sort of update to her life as a mom, Nikki prefaced her honest and relatable rant by saying she doesn’t need to justify her love for her son – who happily sat in his carrier while she filmed.
‘He’s almost five months old … and it still sucks’
She admits they were “fresh in the trenches” when she filmed that clip, but in the months following, the only thing that has changed is her familiarity with the job.
“He’s almost five months old and it still sucks, I still hate it. Motherhood isn’t for everyone, and don’t get me wrong, I’m amazing at it, I don’t know how – I didn’t think I would be. I’m f–king fantastic at it. Do I like it? No. Nah. But I’m good at it.”
Nikki went on to say that it’s true when people say parenthood tests “every single limit”. She also believes the old adage that “you don’t know until you have them” is also 100 percent true.
“It doesn’t get easier, [but] it does feel more familiar. You kind of roll with the punches more,” she said.
“At the start, when he was freaking out because he wanted things and I didn’t know what they were, of course, it’s hard. I didn’t know what the f–k he wants, I don’t speak blah.”
“But it’s been a couple of months and it kind of makes more sense.”
There are, however, still days where she sits in his room in the dark “furious” that he’s not sleeping and “wishing I was dead”, or where she calls her husband demanding: “You come home right now and take care of your demon son.”
‘Don’t let me influence you about having kids … or not’
For anyone who is scared of having kids because of her video, she applauds their decision to save money and sleep more, but she stresses the importance of not being influenced by what you see online.
“You do it if you want to, and you don’t if you don’t,” she said.
“Don’t let me influence you. I’m not anyone. Do whatever the f–k you want. Have kids, don’t have kids … I don’t know.”
The comments section on Nikki’s video was filled with others who felt the same way, including model Julia Fox.
“Couldn’t agree more lol,” Julia said.
“So comforting to know I’m not alone in this honestly,” Nikki responded.
Another woman explained that being a mom is “wonderful”, but motherhood is “the most horrible thing I have ever experienced”.
“I love my kids, but I was sold a lie when it came to what motherhood was like, and I will not get pregnant ever again,” another person echoed.


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