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You know how there’s always that one person on an airplane?
The person who you know is gonna be a problem from the second you put eyes on them? The person you just pray doesn’t go nuts at 36,000 feet and try to open the door? The one who pushes the stupid call button 18 times before takeoff?
Now imagine somebody 100 times worse.
On 8 Nov 2022, on sq711 landed at Singapore Terminal 2 from Bangok this crazy passenger threatened to push over the sq crew if he does not give him water. The seat belt sign is still on and he suppose to be seated. Wasted all the passenger time for the ground staff security to take him off the plane.#stomp
Holy cow. I’m ready to jump through my computer and send this guy to the moon.
I’m not sure I’ve ever despised someone as much as I do this guy, and I got news for you … I despise A LOT of people. I don’t even know where to begin.
“Why you don’t give me f***ing water, you f***king idiot.”
Nope. Don’t like that. Wouldn’t fly if I was on this plane. Not for a second.
“OK, OK, OK … aqua, water, aqua, water.”
How has nobody tackled this guy yet?! Seriously. It’s stunning that he’s actually getting away with it for this long. We used to be such a civilized society.
Of course, this guy – who looks to be about 90 pounds soaking wet – then threatens the 65-year-old flight attendant by saying he’s gonna push him over. Tough guy!
That pretty much ends any chance of this situation ending peacefully and triggers the cops to come aboard and whisk this idiot off. With any luck, he’s still rotting in the Singapore Airport jail.
Glad he got his water, though!
And shame on all of you for cheering at the end, too. I don’t wanna hear it. You all had your chance to get up and take a stand, and instead you melted away while watching him abuse the poor flight attendant.
And, according to the airline, everyone on the flight had an idea this was coming!
They got a little preview a couple hours prior when this guys initially demanded alcohol and was behaving in an “unruly manner” during meal service, according to a spokesperson.

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