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Get paid for the social media addiction that distracts you from your job.
Tired of slaving away at a grueling 9-to-5 gig? Not to fear, an enterprising TikToker claims people can make a staggering 5,000 extra dollars a month — by watching YouTube videos all day, per a clip with over 250,000 views on TikTok.
“Here’s a $5,000-a-month side hustle that nobody is talking about,” teases online life coach Ryan Magin in the tutorial. The influencer regularly posts about a variety of hacks ranging from editing videos for easy bucks to the best ways to talk to women.
His latest shortcut to success is called “time stamping,” which involves watching podcasts or long-form YouTube videos which are 10 minutes or longer, and then extracting 1- to 2-minute clips to upload on TikTok. “You’re essentially the person who is finding viral clips,” Magin declares.
The $5K/Mo Side Hustle No One Is Talking About: A Time Stamper ?‍??‍??‍?
The influencer claims that time stampers can net up to $5,000 a month, which Magin knows because that’s how much he pays someone to “do this for me and my team.”
Landing this lucrative side hustle is simple, he said. Magin explains that prospective time stampers should first create a TikTok, and then watch a bunch of clips from a famous internet personality such as YouTuber Logan Paul.
Then, slice out the snippets with the greatest potential to attract interest, and organize them with the goal of having one go viral, defined here as amassing at least 1 million views.
“You don’t have to subtitle them,” Magin explains. “You don’t have to do fancy edits. You’re just trying to get one of the clips to hit.”
Virulence is super important because it’s essentially a résumé that you can then take to Logan Paul or a similar internet icon to then request a job, per the clip.
“If you have the proof, they will hire you,” declares Magin, who claims that YouTubers will pay time stampers from $2,000 to upwards of $5,000.”
He explains that time stamping is worth that much to them because it’s both “time-consuming” to do and also of “high value.”
“If they say yes, you just got yourself a side hustle just for watching YouTube videos,” Magin said.
Fortunately, there are faster alleged ways to earn cash on the side. For instance, New Yorkers can reportedly make $90 in just three minutes by snitching on idling trucks.


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