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TikTok is best known for its rapid-fire short form videos, which can range in length from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. But after a recent update, TikTok is dipping into the world of photos too.
TikTok’s Photo Mode lets you post up to 35 pictures at once, contained inside a single slideshow that viewers can freely browse through. It’s a great way to show off moments that you captured in still photos instead of videos.
Although it’s true that photo slideshows are very different from videos, you can make both of them using the same editing menu.
1. Open TikTok and tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to open TikTok’s video editing screen.
2. Next to the capture button, tap Upload.
3. Tap Select multiple in the bottom-left corner, and then start picking all the pictures you want to include in your slideshow by tapping the bubbles in their top-right corner. You can have up to 35 photos in one slideshow.
Note: If you try to select a photo and TikTok tells you that its Current resolution is not supported, that means the picture is too wide and not tall enough.
4. Once you’ve picked all the photos you want, tap Next in the bottom-right.
5. At the bottom of the screen, look for an option that says Switch to photo mode, and then tap it. If it says Switch to video mode instead, just leave it alone.
6. Use the controls at the top and on the right side of the screen to add music, text, stickers, effects, and filters. These work just like they do on a standard video.
7. When you’re ready to post, tap Next in the bottom-right, and add all the final details.
Photo Mode posts aren’t sorted into a different feed than regular videos or anything like that. When a user comes across a Photo Mode slideshow in their feed, they can browse through the photos by swiping left or right.


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