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We take a look at China’s international projects and what they mean for the rest of the world. China is investing in and developing projects across the world – how are those moving forward and are they on course to deliver China’s goal of becoming the primary global power by 2049.
OCBC Private Banking Unit Fined $1.12 Million by Dubai Regulator
Businesses Take Desperate Measures to Tackle UK’s Staff Shortage
South Africa Wrestles With How to Offset Rising Living Costs
One of World’s Top Gold-Buying Central Banks Is Far From Sated
Inflation Jump in Norway, Denmark Adds Woes for Nordic Economies
Hedonism Roars Back to Mediterranean Party Islands—and London Is Next
Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Expects Launch in 2023 After Rocket Mishap Review
Apple Limits iPhone File-Sharing Tool Used for Protests in China
Musk’s First Email to Twitter Staff Ends Remote Work
Elon Musk Should Testify to EU Parliament on Twitter, Lawmaker Says
European Parliament Votes to Support Croatia’s Schengen Entry
Thailand Expects Covid Hospitalizations to Rise 5% in Winter
Red Bull Founder Was Paid €866 Million Dividend Before Death
Manhattan Luxury Rents Go ‘Through the Roof,’ Other Prices Fall
Hedonism Roars Back to Mediterranean Party Islands—and London Is Next
LeBron Hurt Late in Clippers’ 114-101 Win Over Lakers
A Price Cap on Russian Oil Would Be a Dangerous Escalation
Republicans Mismanaged Expectations. Let’s Try Again
British CEOs Snared Big Bonuses. For What?
One of Gaming’s Most Hated Execs Is Crashing the Metaverse
Looming Debt Ceiling Fight Risks Tipping Scales on US Recession
Midterm Voters Sent a Clear Message on Support for Abortion Rights
The Murders Shocked Slovakia, But LGBTQ Rights Get No Mercy
BHP Chair Apologizes for Sexual Harassment and Racism at Miner
Ukraine Wants Russia to Pay for the Climate Damage Wreaked by Its War
EU Proposes Tighter Rules for Combustion Engines Ahead of Ban
Denver Set to Reject Anti-Eviction Measure, Bucking National Trend
The Biggest Wins and Losses for Ballot Measures
Bedrock, USA: Why School Boards Had the Toughest Political Races
Crypto Survey Finds Majority of Investors Welcome Regulation
JPMorgan Team Says Crypto Markets Face ‘Cascade’ of Margin Calls
Crypto Prime Broker Urges Clients to Cash Out FTX Positions


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