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We always like to be where our readers hang out, so we've have joined the popular video platform TikTok. 
Find us @SquamishChief
Reporter Andrew Hughes (others of us at the paper may appear from time to time, as well!) will feature interesting people, things and facts about the town we all love.
Here's his first one:
He will also dig into some of our big or curious stories. 
Like we said, we want to be where our readers and local residents are spending their time. It is also a way for us to have fun with some of our content and explore our community in a new way.
We are just getting started, but we invite you to check us out. 
If you have ideas for TikToks he could do, leave a comment on our videos or shoot him an email
Of course, you can always find us at, on Facebook at The Squamish Chief and on Instagram @squamishchief.
See you soon. 
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