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Want to fix or prevent a TikTok shadowban? Here’s everything you need to know.
Are you in the TikTok dog house?
Let’s face it: a shadowban is a creator’s worst nightmare.
No one wants to open the app and notice a sharp decline in engagement, especially when you’ve spent hours building an audience and meticulously planning and filming content.
While no one knows exactly what causes a TikTok shadowban, there are some theories.
Ready to dive into them and fix your account?
Here’s the complete guide on everything you need to know about TikTok shadow bans and how to get your account back in the app’s good graces.
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A TikTok shadowban is when an account violates the community guidelines and is blocked on the app.
If you’ve misstepped on TikTok, you may notice your content not showing up on the For You page or a significant drop in views, likes, and comments.
Shadowbanning is not exclusive to TikTok. Instagram is notorious for doing the same thing, even though the app denies such a practice exists.
As mentioned earlier, no one knows exactly what causes TikTok’s algorithm to shadowban creators or brands.
What we know (and what makes the most sense) is that it’s most likely caused by violating the app’s community guidelines. 
What are the big no-nos on TikTok that cause shadowbans?
• Spam behavior (say no to bots!)
• Hate speech
• Fake news
• Violence
• Nudity
• Drugs
• Copyrighted music
However, there is a snag in TikTok’s AI moderation. It’s still a machine, and sometimes content is mistakenly flagged for community guidelines violations.
If that does happen to you, there isn’t much you can do about it, which sucks.
Here’s the kicker – you don’t.
Like Instagram, TikTok doesn’t send you a notification or an email to let you know your account is in breach of their guidelines.
The only way you’ll know if your account is blocked is by doing some self-sleuthing:
• Head to the For You page and search bar: If your content isn’t coming up – you’re possibly blocked.
• Try uploading a video: If it says “under review,” TikTok is most likely not your number one fan right now.
• Check your analytics: If you notice a drastic drop in engagement, you may be a victim of the infamous TikTok shadowban.
That said, a drop in likes, comments, and views isn’t always a sign of a ban. There are other factors you need to consider, like the time of posting or if you tried a new content format that didn’t work out with your audience.
You can’t.
The only way to get rid of your shadowban is to wait it out. No one knows for sure how long a TikTok shadowbans lasts.
Some say it’s two weeks, while others say it’s one month.
…But there are a few things you can do while you sit in TikTok jail:
• Delete the content that got you in trouble.
• Review TikTok’s community guidelines and follow the rules.
• Avoid any bot-like behavior.
• Try deleting the app and reinstalling it.
• Take a break from posting for a few days.
While you’re waiting for your account to get the green light, use the time to start prepping TikTok content for your comeback. Plann out your upcoming videos and schedule your content.
And before you know it, your account will be back on the For You page!
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