Sunak Banning TikTok Would Make More Sense Than Shutting Confucius Institutes – Bloomberg

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Hedge Funds Slash Risky Bets Ahead of Midterms, CPI Data
Trump Appeals Order Appointing Monitor to Oversee His Company
Edward Prescott, Nobel Prize Winning Economist, Dies at 81
China Deflation Fears Rise as Demand Weakens on Covid Outbreaks
RBNZ’s Orr Reappointed for a Second Five-Year Term
New This Week: Bruce Springsteen, ‘The Big Brunch’ And Sonic
Adidas, Nike Must Pick Up the Pieces After Antisemitism Ruins Deals
Take-Two Tumbles After Forecast for Bookings Misses Estimates
Mastodon Struggles to Keep Up With Flood of Twitter Defectors
Mexico’s Mendel Raises $50 Million in Debt, Extends Series A
Chicago Approves $16.4 Billion Budget With More Pension Funding
Biden’s Justice Department Ramps Up Election Monitoring After Trump Lull
Inflation Raises Stakes for Choosing Between Employee Benefits
‘Knowledge Is Power’: How to Leverage NYC Salary Ranges to Get a Raise
F1’s Lewis Hamilton Receives Honorary Brazilian Citizenship
Bills QB Allen’s Status Uncertain With Throwing Elbow Injury
Only Republicans Can Save Us From Republicans
Breaking Japan’s Cash Habit by Nudging Wage Earners
MoviePass Was Not a Good Business
Xi’s New No. 2 Faces Challenge to Make China’s Economy Hum Again
Inflation-Focused Voters Defy Biden’s Bid to Change the Subject
Small Businesses Find a Loophole in the New Tax Law: Zelle
Adidas, Nike Must Pick Up the Pieces After Antisemitism Ruins Deals
The State-by-State Battle Over Abortion in the US
California Fire Season to Get Snuffed Out as Pacific Storm Nears
Uruguay Farmers Fend Off Droughts With Soy Technology, CEO Says
NYC Kids Are Still Leaving Public Schools in Pandemic-Fueled Exodus
Why Georgia Is Keeping Such a Close Watch on Atlanta’s Elections
How a Death Star-Shaped Treehouse Landed in Austin’s Favorite Park
Formula One Sponsorships From Crypto Firms Dwindle With Downturn
Ethereum Insiders to Get Fee Cuts That Others Won’t in Upgrade
UK Parliament Group Starts NFT Inquiry as Crypto Scrutiny Grows


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