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Emory Parker is an NYC-based queer indie electro pop artist fresh off the release of her debut single, “More”. Parker makes music that incites, empowers, and uplifts. Although the song has now garnered thousands of streams across platforms in just a few days, Parker’s release didn’t quite go as expected.
Over the past two years, Parker built a substantial and supportive platform on TikTok, where she shares her music and her experiences as a queer woman. Parker planned to celebrate this momentous occasion with her community on a TikTok LIVE leading up to the song’s release at midnight last Friday, October 28th.
When Parker began the livestream, she was bombarded with homophobic and hateful comments. These users falsely reported her account, with TikTok ironically citing “hateful behavior” as the explanation, causing Parker to lose LIVE access mere minutes before the song’s release. The consequence wasn’t just losing a feature on a social media app–it was losing Parker’s main mode of communication and connection to her audience.
“I was discouraged. I had spent two years working on my music and fostering this supportive community on TikTok. I was just heartbroken by how easily these homophobes were able to take my voice away,” Parker says.
The hate expressed on Parker’s TikTok LIVE was based in something darker than just a difference of opinion. Its intention was to silence the voice of a woman embracing her identity and art. 
In search of consolation from her close circle, Parker shared the disappointing events online in a video. She was surprised when thousands of LGBTQ folks and allies rushed forward to support her. They not only championed Parker’s TikTok platform, but also her music. 
While the midnight release on TikTok Live was interrupted , thousands  of fans and supporters streamed the single over the next few days. That gave Parker a much larger audience. 
“As a new queer indie artist, I truly appreciate every person who took the time to share and amplify my message. Seeing my art resonate with so many people gives me the confidence to keep making music.” Parker says.
Parker’s musical journey is just beginning. “More” is about intimacy and sapphic passion—something that Parker is still exploring herself. Her hope is that this song inspires people, especially queer women, to feel sexy and self-assured, while putting themselves in the driver’s seat of their own wants and desires.
For information, visit www.tiktok.com/@parkerplease
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