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​​​BUFFALO, N.Y. — ​It was a play that had people buzzing the instant it happened. Bills quarterback Josh Allen hurdled a defender on the way to a game-winning drive against the Chiefs.
"To have them come around and actually be the team that they are now, it’s awesome obviously. We’re super excited about," said Bills fan Rory Allen.
To help celebrate the moment, Allen, no relation to Josh, took to the streets.
"We see it and we’re like we could make that a reality," he said.
Allen runs a graphic design and printing company called Zoom Buffalo. With a little prodding from a friend, they decided to temporarily change a street sign on Buffalo’s Hertel Ave. into ‘Hurdle’ Ave., complete with a cutout image of Josh Allen’s latest leap.
"We take a look at the video and sort of do a screen grab of the best version of the photo we could find and more or less just print it and cut it out," Allen said.
Before the city asked them to take it down for safety concerns, people were flocking to the corner of Hurdle and Wellington to catch a glimpse — and a snapshot.
A video Allen posted on TikTok generated more than a million views in just a few days.
"Something where you didn’t put a lot of thought into it, you just keep doing what you’re doing and once in a while things take notice," Allen said.

When they city asked them to remove the sign, they obliged. But prior to that, it came with a message for anyone with an idea about swiping the Josh Allen cutout.
"We have a warning on the back that if you do take it your child may become a Patriots fan. We think that’s enough of a warning for just about anybody," Allen said.
This isn’t the first time Allen and company have gone big on the Bills. They’ve done signs in the past when Allen’s jumped over defenders, as well as a large mural at Cole’s on Elmwood Ave.
Zoom Buffalo also created the popular Allen-Diggs campaign lawn signs in 2020 when the quarterback and star receiver first teamed up.
"The joke was that It was a political campaign and the truth is that they’re both great leaders and they get along great and they could teach us all something," Allen said.
The Bills campaign for a Super Bowl is something most Western New Yorkers can get behind.
"Football’s just a great thing in this town because it brings us all together," Allen said.
Capturing a moment in time — a good time to be a Bills fan.


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