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Nov. 4 2022, Published 12:08 p.m. ET
Going down a TikTok rabbit hole can produce a high like no other, and plenty of people have done that recently thanks to some strange news about popular TikTok star Stalekracker. Rumors have been swirling that Stalekracker, whose actual name is Justin Chiasson, is in some kind of legal trouble.
Now, reports have come out suggesting that there may be some truth to those rumors. What happened to Stalekracker? Is he really in trouble?
Justin is a state trooper in Louisiana, and in his spare time, he posts TikToks that feature a slew of catchphrases and delicious recipes. Justin has toured all over his state and the rest of the country to show off his cooking skills, so it has clearly evolved into a pretty serious hobby.
Now, Justin is in quite a bit of trouble because of a boating accident he was in over the summer.
According to WBRZ, Justin was a passenger on a boat in July that was being driven by Bryan Nolan. When their boat collided with a pontoon boat in open water, Bryan fled the scene. An off-duty police officer was on hand to help the passengers in the other boat, but Justin never reported the incident.
Bryan was eventually arrested and charged with a hit and run and a DWI. He was also charged with negligent injuring and two counts of careless operation of a watercraft. Despite the charges that hit Bryan, Justin didn’t face any consequences until October, when news broke that he was the subject of an internal state police investigation. Justin has been put on leave until the investigation is complete and can be sent to a disciplinary panel for review.
Although it seems like some pretty serious consequences may be coming Justin’s way, it looks unlikely that he’ll be arrested. He did flee the scene and fail to report the incident, but it was his friend who was driving the boat.
We won’t know what punishment he’ll receive until the disciplinary hearing, but it seems possible that he could end up losing his job.
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He hasn’t posted on TikTok in almost a week, and additional reporting suggests that the internal investigation kicked off in part because Justin refused to take a lie detector test. WBRZ reported that information out based on messages they’d received from Justin’s wife, who also said that Justin hadn’t been allowed to tell his side of the story yet.
“Now, I don’t care. LSP is a joke,” she wrote. “The news is a joke. I don’t care what they think or say anymore.”
It isn’t clear what the future looks like for Stalekracker, although plenty of people are already mourning his TikTok presence. Even if he does try to make a comeback, it isn’t clear whether his audience will be receptive to him, given how much they know about his personal actions and the consequences they’ve had for others.
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